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Maybelline The Rocket Volum Express Mascara Review

"The Rocket Volum Express Mascara"

At first, I was wondering... What's makes this mascara so special and popular? 

Why everyone keep saying about it? Like NON STOP?!  

Why does it gets such a great hype?

 Why everyone buy this mascara once it stepped into Malaysia ?

Why I see this mascara in most of my friends' shopping haul?

So these questions direct me bought this mascara and try it out myself!

I have been using this mascara quite sometimes. I meant, from the day I got it ( roughly early August until today, 2nd of September 2013 and I'm using it EVERY single day!

and now, after using it for a month....

"Am I been spelled by the mascara?"

Thank you for the SPELL Maybelline Malaysia! 


So, by this, you should get the rough idea whether 


I don't say that I'm totally 100% love it but....

so far, I'm loving it by 5/5 rate. No problem for me except for the retail price. 
Luckily I purchased this at promotional price.

I know my face looks "tak mandi".  -__-" 

Please excuse my ugly bare face... 

As you can see, with mascara the eye looks more define, lashes visible, longer and volumize compared to the bare lashes which is totally naked lashes.
 I feel funny when I see my own face taking selfie picture. I want to pose prettily but ended up laughing in front of the camera. This is the best shot I have. Others were blur and I looked half ghost. 

Minimal clumps.
I don't want to say zero clumps because when you do more than one coat or you did not brush carefully, the mascara tends to create clumps. yet minimal clumps, not too obvious, no harm for me unless you have OCD.
Normally, one coat should be fine since it covers all the lashes and makes the lashes look visible, longer and enhance volume in general. If you want to apply more coats, go ahead because it will looks great on you and gives dramatic look! 
So far, two-three coats are still fine to me. I don't know how does this mascara works with long natural lashes. Maybe it will gives dramatic look or might be not. I'm not too sure on long lashes as my lashes are short and still in medium length category.

Most of the mascaras are hard to remove and sometimes our lashes falling off too. So, I pay extra attention on this matter since I've noticed that everytime I removed my mascara, there's must be leftover mascara that can't be taken off. Most of the time, my lashes dropped like crazy. Imagine if one day 4-5 pieces of lashes drop, how could I face the world with bald eyes? Argh!!!!! 
"People would think I am a man or an alien  if I don't have any lashes!!! I don't want bald eyes!!! "


This mascara is a GO.
 There is less energy and difficulty to remove the mascara. It is sweat-proof, smudge-free but once you wash your face and let the water tap running through your face, the mascara would be easily removed by your fingers :) Just remove it like that. easy like a cheese
Oh, No Panda eyes too after removing the mascara. No left-over mascara under your eyes and also on your lashes. It is totally clean!
Dear, you just can remove it by luke water or just remove it by using cleansing milk or any gentle face remover. No need to use eye makeup remover. 
 It is super duper easy to remove which is make me fall in love LOVE all over again love LOVE with the mascara.

See, these are the mascara after I washing it through tap water, I purposely did not use makeup remover just for the demo. Normally I will use Bioderma to remove it BUT......p/s: sometimes, if I come back home late, I forgot to remove my makeup and this ain't a problem because once I get into shower and wash my face, the mascara will fall off /clean its own.  ^_^   OPSSS!

Don't ever judge me! 

I'm not lazy to remove my makeup...I'm justtttttttt too tired cause sometimes I need to work until night and reach home at midnight.. So, to all  super women out there, don't worry, you have friend here who doesn't remove her makeup before get into shower. hahaha. 

At first, like I mentioned earlier, I don't know why people like this mascara. Personally, I feel the packaging is too bulky, too chubby for me to store or carry around in my makeup bag. Some people found the packaging is cute and the handle is easy to grip but for me, even normal cylinder shape mascara also easy to grip. Different people has different opinions.
p/s: But now, I feel like the packaging is cute with the royal blue and hot pink colour. hahaha. I know I got problem in this.. hahaha. at first said I don't like the packaging, later on I found it is quite cute. hahah. Ok, I'm in PMS, excuse my instability.

The Brush/ Bristle
Soft and fully grab all the lashes. I wish the brush could be maintain in pink jelly colour. hehe. I'm so pinky lady.
The bristles work great at separating the lashes. You will get thick  lashes that aren't clumpy and won't look like cockroach legs... 

Price: RM 38.90
It is quite expensive for me, but if it is in promotional price, I'd get it for my backup! haha. I bought it at RM 25-RM 30. The opened mascara only will last for 3-4 months anyway.

Colour: Black
Waterproof: Yes
Available in Pharmacies, Watsons, Guardian, Caring 
Brand: Maybelline

Maybelline facebook page: 

Tag #maybellinemalaysia for your pictures with Maybelline products :) 

Don't forget to join their best contest to win a trip to NEW YORK!

Disclaimer: I bought this mascara by my own , using my OWN money, not parents money and ALL opinions are honest straightly from ME :) 

Mwah mwah;


  1. pika tak beli and try lagi maybelline rocket mascara ni..and I will!! hehehee..thanks for the review ;)

  2. i fell in love with this mascara too! seriously after silkygil big eye mascara, maybelline rocket volum is my another love at first application mascara XD have been reaching for this and only this!!

  3. Cockroach legs? Bwahahaha... :D Tak sabar nak try Maybelline Rocket Mascara ni. Dapat hadiah free. Hehe. Sebenarnya sebelum mascara ni jual di Malaysia, saya ada order sejak bulan 6 lalu tapi sampai sekarang belum sampai lagi. Hmm.. :( Kalau sampai nanti, tambah yang free tu jadi ada 2. Kalau tahu akan ada dijual di Malaysia, tak saya order. Bazir duit je. Huhu. :( *stress*

  4. The mascara really does make ur lashes shoot sky high! :D I want to try it too~ ^^

  5. salam..ayu dtg dari segmen yg sama.. ada masa singgah la ke blog ayu...ayu ada buat segmen sempena nak UPSR ni..tq

  6. comel!
    ni pakai tebal sgt ke ble trik byk mcm tu?
    mlekat kt mata x hitam2 die tu?

    macam nk try :)

  7. I am here to read on your review for this mascara but end up studying your skin. Skin u sangattt cantik lah wiida ! apa rahsia ? hehe

  8. Great review!! So pretty eyes :)


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