Monday, 30 September 2013

Darlie White Expert Event- Malaysia

How to protect and get white teeth?
Just leave to the EXPERT.
Normally I will spend "money" on dental treatment by seeing the dentist at least once in 6 months for scaling and so on. 
So, instead of spending HUNDREDS Ringgit, how bout we just change our toothpaste to a new one?

Try this out, Darlie EXPERT WHITE. 

What makes this toothpaste so special?
At first, I don't really believe any kind of whitening toothpaste since I have been using most of whitening products in the market for past two years but there is no impressive result.

Let me talk in scientific terms about Darlie Expert White. Well, Prophylaxis Silica-Micro Particles (PS-mp) is a small particles or micro that allowed to clean or remove all the stains on teeth. PS-mp is normally been used by professional dentist to whiten your teeth and it gives same result like you do teeth treatment with dentist.
In short explanation, the main ingredients in the Darlie Expert White toothpaste are similar to the ones been used by the dentists.
So, now get rock, whiten your teeth at home by youself!
No need to see dentist and save up part of your MONEY.

Simple words for Darlie White Expert: Anti-stain, protect your teeth, whiten your teeth and affordable.

During the event, Sazzy Falak was invited as one of Darlie's Special guest.
She did a demo or experiment between Darlie Expert White and normal toothpaste. 

These are the ingredients for the experiment /demo.

1) HAP Tablets is a tablet that consists enamal basis same to our teeth. So, just imagine it is a tooth.
2) Black tea or black coffee is needed 
3) Toothpaste for the experiment between normal toothpaste and Darlie Expert White toothpaste.

How to do it?
1)  Squeeze an inch of toothpaste into a bowl. Do it to both toothpastes in different bowl.
2) Then, pour some water onto the bowl and stir them well. This action is similar to brushing our teeth.
3) Take HAP tablets and put each of them onto the two bowls.
4) Leave them for 3 minutes. 
Do you know that we need to brush our teeth in 3 minutes? Wow! I never do that. What I know, every time I brush my teeth, I just need a minute because I always in hurry (anti-alarm clock person)
5) After that, rinse the tablets and put into the black coffee or black tea for about 5 minutes.
6) Last but not least, take the tablets out from the coffee/tea and rinse them off. You can see the difference!

Look at that! The tablet that has been soaked into Darlie Expert White is protected and the colour maintain white. But the normal toothpaste could not protect our white teeth and that is the reason why our teeth getting yellowish. haha. Now I know why my teeth are not white enough. hahaha.  (National confession) LMAO
Before this I have used to complain to my dentist bout my teeth color and he said, 
"Your teeth color is normal, it's white. the color code is @#$%^%$# (I don't know what is the code but he said the colour is white, something medium white. But the fact is I don't know the color chart and I feel my teeth are yellow. I just want my teeth to be white like others)

Okay okay, I know this is sooooo gedik for posting a picture of myself holding the picture. but it is a must la. A typical Malaysian pose with product.  

We did the experiment together too! feeling like baking in the middle of the restaurant. haha.

From left:  Cikepal, myself and Sabrina Tajudin

To get the clearer version of demo/experiment steps,  lets watch this video. We did the same method and get the same result too! (I believe it and I think this toothpaste will be my all time favourite toothpaste. please don't judge me, I love to use selected toothpaste, I know I'm fussy but I really need to choose toothpaste before brushing my teeth/ The toothpaste must be a bit spicy and minty as well as fresh so that I won't puke early in the morning while brushing my teeth. You get what I mean? Some toothpaste is not mint enough or got weird spearmint smell or too sweet that could make me feel loya early in the morning. But this toothpaste is minty enough and I'm loving it. It doesn't make me feel "loya" anymore.

I got a full kit of Darlie Expert White to try with.
I have been using it for a week but I forgot to take photo before and current teeth for comparism purposed. 
Maybe next time I will do. 

and last, of course a picture with Sazzy Falak.
She's so pretty ,lovely and friendly. How could I for not adore her? 
She's sooo adorable.

Darlie White Expert Event is one of fun events I have attended.
Thank you Nuffnang for the invitation.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post however this post has been written in honest words. 


Fired it away!! but mind your words! <3 Please be gentle to each other, girls.

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