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The New REVLON Super Lustrous Shades

Assalamualaikum and Hi to alll~

 Revlon, one of establish makeup brand in Malaysia. They are available nationwide at pharmacies, Watsons, Guardian and and also Caring. Most of the Revlon products are great especially their foundation and lip colors. I'm one of their fans. hahah. p/s: I love to collect their foundations.  I know, it's quite weird to say this..but... I love to collect their foundations. or.. should I say I love to try out their foundation? I am foundation lover. One bottle of foundation I can use it for 4-5 months time. Crazy right? haha. I know I know, its kind of ridiculous

Well, this time.. I was invited for the Revlon Launching event. When I heard Revlon, I was quite excited because it is about makeup, my addiction! 
Revlon introduced the new 8 shades in Super Lustrous Lipstick and lipglosses. The new 8 shades lipstick are totally pretty, moisturising and the color is buildable. These shades are now available at all Watsons, Guardian and all Revlon counters starting October 2013. (Should be available at the counters now)


The new colors for the lipstick are:
Berry Couture, Plum Velour, Fuchsia Shock, Kissable Pink, Pink Cloud, Rich Girl Red, Lovers Coral and Honey Bare.

Personally, I love all of their lipstick colors, if possible, I want to own them all. The lipstick is very moisturising and can be wear daily!  I'm a person that lazy to apply lip balm before lipstick, but with this lipstick, my lips won't look dry & chap, easy to apply, and also can be applied in few layers to get opaque color.

Short Review on Lipsticks

  • Shiny color with a lightweight feel – that’s a look that never goes out of style.
  • The colour is buildable from sheer to opaque color.
  • Suit for people who does not like heavy feeling lipstick/ bold color lips.
  • Suit for dry lips because it quite moisturising.
  • The colors offer are pretty and can be wear daily.
  • Great for daily touch up. -some lipsticks are too heavy and if you apply, the lines on lips will show pretty obvious but not with this new color shades.
  • It glides smoothly on lips.

Retail Price: RM 32


The new colours for lipglosses are:
Kiss Me Coral, Pango Peach, Pinkissimo, Pink Pop, Rosy Future, Snow Pink and Super Natural.

Short Review on Lipgloss
  • They are formulated as non-sticky gloss for colorful radiant shine and moisturising with Vitamin E and also Avocado Oil condition lips without feeling any tackiness.
  • The lipgloss does not irritated our lips, in fact, it roses up hydration gives plumped touch. 
  • The shiny reflecting effect is because of LiquidShine complex which contains Abyssinian Oil -gives glossy and radiant color.
  • The applicator has been improvised for comfortable and even application. 
  • The color is quite opaque especially Pink Pop. So far this is my favourite lipgloss color from Revlon, opaque and it is almost similar to lipcream but has glossy effect. Great lipgloss in the market. Can't wait to try the Kiss Me Coral. 

Retail Price: RM 30

I like this color, it looks dark in the tube, but when you apply it on lips, the color is quite sheer and gives you very pretty plummy, deep red. Very vintage you all. I like this color, very unique. You need to apply it for few layers to get this opaque color. 

"OPS! duck mouth pose."
There was a makeup contest among the bloggers and I did this makeup  look with  no reason.. play makeup2. haha. I also don't know what look I tried to do but this is the final look. hahaha. Please accept the weirdo-ness of my makeup. Please Please. Got style la.

Lipstick: Apply Plum Velour on overall lips. Then apply Fuchsia Shock at the centre of the lips and some Rosy Future lipgloss at the middle of the lips to give plumped dimension lips.

**Sorry for the low quality photo. All photos were taken using iphone 4s, I forgot to bring my camera memory card, so the camera that I brought was useless cause no memory card, no capture! hahaha. Careless Wiida =,=""

Makeup! Makeup! Makeup! Makeup!
Huarghhhhhhhh! So yummy!
All Revlon makeup were ready on the table for us to try and play with. hehehe. Everything are pretty, I love the eye palette too and also the photoready mascara. Seriously, I've tried it out on that night, my lashes look damn long!! Fuhhh...unbelievable!

Photos as memory... Thank you Revlon and Mivva for the invitation.
I had very enjoyable night with all the bloggers.

Head to their website and facebook page for more information:



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  1. comel duck pose tu ! :)
    color dark red sesuai ngn u :)

  2. hai wiida..thanks follow me...i follow you back...anyways your really pretty girl..(^_~)

  3. nak fuchsia shock and lovers coral !!!


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