Thursday, 10 October 2013

Benefit Rockateur review and swatches


Lets ROCK with this AWESOME Blusher! 

"It is new in Malaysia, just arrived at end of September 2013 "

One of pretty powder blushers from Benefit. At first I don't feel like buying this powder box since people says that the color is "rose gold" and as I saw in the pan, there's a lot of shimmer which is not my preference of blusher. I don't like shimmery blusher. However, after I read all the reviews and swatches from other youtubers and bloggers, I have made up my mind to give a try on this blusher.

By the time the blusher reached Malaysia, I straightly grabbed this without any second thoughts. I never own any Benefit powder box before except the GoTropicoral kit that contains Coralista. The Coralista blush gave me a great impression and I believe this one will not let me down.  
After own it, it never fails to amaze me. The texture or pattern on this pan is absolutely an A! The rock texture is a gorgeous design and suit with the name. The packaging itself is truly pretty and sophisticated with lace design at the sides. The color of the product is totally into earth color, warm pinky peachy brown with shimmery effects that gives natural pretty glow when wearing it. 

There is a brush included in the Benefit powder box. 

The real color on pan. This is what people dying for, The color is absoultely gorgeous and  buildable.
What you see in pan is what you get in person. The color is quite sheer and buildable, really pretty and not too glittery. The shimmer is enough to create pretty glow on cheeks. 

Here are the swatches.

From Left: color with shimmer, the color alone without shimmer/matte and last is the combination of both.
Well, actually we can't see obvious difference there. But roughly, you know the color, it's kinda of warm rosy pink

Short & Sweet

  • The color is described  as "rose gold".
  • Rose gold: Mix with rosy pink, beige, brown and slightly into warm undertones. This blusher gives satin shimmer finish and natural blush color for all complexion. 
  • When I wear this blusher, it gives natural glow, peachy pink warm undertone color and it gives very subtle finish. 
  • Longevity : In air-conditional room, the blusher can lasts up to 6 to 7 hours. In humid Malaysia weather can lasts up to 4 hours on face. (Vary to skin types).

Mwah Muaah!!


  1. Cantik nyaaaaaaaaaaaaa <3 nk beli gakk!

  2. Oh this is cute! o: Thanks for sharing this product~ I wish it was available in North America so I can check it out. c:

  3. The design on the actual blush, gorgeous!

  4. cantik warna dia...nampak soft sahaja..^^

    1. Aah, warna dia sangat cantik!!!! sayang nak pakai because pattern dia lawa, takut hilang. hahaha

  5. Thanks for the review! I've been planning to get this when I go shopping. Such a pretty color!

  6. they look lovely! <33

    please join my giveaway! it features cute phone charms and lots more goodies! <3
    k a t h e r i n e

  7. okayyy now I'm thinking to buy this baby. grrrrrr wiidaaaaaaaa!!!!


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