Friday, 11 October 2013

It is All About SHOES Obsession

Let me tell you a secret, the real me, my addiction, my obsession.  I AM SHOES ADDICT. Besides makeup and food, I love to buy shoes and handbags too.
Dear world, please know that I love shoes, I love shoes I loooove shoesssss!!~~ Please excuse my weirdo sickness and I know it's kind of wasting money, but I just loving them all and wear every pair of them. I have quite huge of shoes collection, to show how big is my collection, my  shoes cabinet in my house, one row is MINE!  Full of my shoes,until my brother doesn't have any other space to store his office shoes & sport shoes. haha. Sorry Bro.

Bro (Angah) : Aish! Mana aci cabinet ni penuh dengan kasut Wiida. Dah la banyak terompah jamban pulak tu! (That is not fair , the cabinet is full of Wiida's shoes. Some more there is a lot of toilet clogs!)

Me: err.. angah, tu nama nye kasut tinggi la. ( errr.. bro, they're called,  HIGH HEELS! )

Bro (Angah) : Ala, sama la tu! bile jalan bunyi macam terompah jamban jugak ~ hahaha *evil laugh
(Ala, they're the same, when you walk with them, the sound produced will be exactly the same~hahaha *evil laugh)

Me: =,="

I call my brother , Angah and we are like cat and dog.. You know what I meant. End of conversation, I still conquered the whole row of cabinet with my shoes collection until today. hahaha. Ada Aku Kisah? hehehe.

Even though the shoes in the cabinet is full of my treasures, I still did not have enough space to store the others, still have tonne of shoes to be kept nicely in room and at the same time, I hide them from my parents. hahaha. p/s: some in my room and some in my car. haha.

Where I keep my shoes?
Most of my pretty high heels and pump shoes are in cabinet.
Some part of my shoes are in my room and some are in car. (I don't want to keep all in car because if they're combined together, the amount of shoes will look very huge and of course my parents will notice it) hehe. It is all about techniques ok? hehe. 

I wonder if there are women like me out there, collecting shoes and keep the shoes inside the car and room. If yes, how did you managed your shoes collection? Did you throw the box or keep them together with the shoes?
Just wondering.... I just had not enough space to keep them, but I still want to keep them all!

Shoes in the photo above were from Cala Man

Thank you for reading!

Mwah Mwaah!


  1. I love shoes tooo!! my obsession together with makeup! hihi I have a shoe cabinet in my room, that could store around 40 pairs, but tak cukup! i store some of them kat bawah and the one I use frequently in the car. :)

  2. hahaa..nice tips!! simpan merata-rata sikit..
    pika semua kasut dalam kereta..pastu dah nampak banyakkk..
    kereta tu dah macam kabinet kasut bergerak okehh..huhuu..

    1. Aah! dalam kete tu kasut2 semua for urgent use. hahaha. and some shoes in my car nak anta g cobbler, tapi.... tak hantar2! hehe

  3. Saya pun suka kasut! Tapi yang sedihnya bila letak elok-elok dalam kotaknya.. lap sebaik mungkin boleh pula berkulat dan ada yang pula tu merekah kulitnya. Sedih sangat. Huhu. :'(

    1. Aah, saya pun pernah keep my shoes in the box, tp lama2 nnt lupa nak pakai .huhu

  4. me too love selalu pakai sekejap dh rosak..sbb berulang2 pakai yg sama jer..kih2..

    1. Aah, kalau favourite shoes memang semua koyak. haha. tp ada yang sayang nak buang so simpan dalam kete (harapan nak hantar cobbler, tp....berbulan bulan tak hantar2.) huhu

  5. qilah simpan dlm kotak kat bilik, shoe racks. but never in my car. not yet maybe? HAHA! takut bila my mum dtg sini nanti and tengok all of my shoes masa nak packing nanti. tu baru shoes, belum my makeups, bags and clothes lagi =S

  6. ahh..same problem here but I've been managing my addiction pretty well these for a couple of years now. :p


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