Wednesday, 23 October 2013

October Beauty Favourites

Now it is almost end of October and only now I have time to write a beauty post to share with you all what have I'm using for these few months. These are my current favourites makeup products. 
Sorry for hiatus in these few weeks. I'm quite busy due to internship schedule and working in events are not easy as people says. Our schedule is tight and need to be flexible as we need to back up each and every events if there's not enough man power. So, due to that, I always run for on call events and it's always happen in last minute time. I will be finishing soon on November and after all it's a great experience handling multi-tasks of event.
Well, let's go straight to my favourites makeup products of the month! 
This favourites are sum of products that I have been loving using from last August until today.I know I have skipped few posts for my monthly favourites and here they are, I conclude them all in this post. 

Just look at the picture... The products are so lovely right? oh my babies!
I know some are high end products and too expensive to own. But, sometimes, we should reward ourselves by buying something special and meaningful. I own all these because I love them, I feel happy once I buy one piece of makeup and at the same time my stomach feels full too. Normally I will reduce my allowance on food and with that, I will have extra money to buy makeup. A pencil of cosmetic also could makes me happy. 

Tarte Amazion in Blissful.
Tarte blusher is always in my wish list and finally I own it! haha. I ordered two Tarte blushers from Personal Beauty Shopper and it reached me for about one to two months depends on delivery. I Don't mind for that since I have paid the delivery fee in very low charge and the items are also in promotional prices. Believe it or not, I purchased this blusher cheaper than MAC blusher.  So far, I'm satisfied with the blush and will collecting more blush colors from this brand. 
MAC Fluid line Brow Gel Creme in Red Head

The color is quite blonde-y and very light on black eyebrow-it's like yellow light nude brow gel. Luckily my brows are not too thick and not too black so, this color match me perfectly. If you have
The reason why I loved this brow gel color because it last very long on my brows. It will stays for a day from morning until night on my brows even if I wash my face. Oh ya, it's waterproof too. Only will be removed if I use makeup remover or facial wash.

Make Up For Ever  (MUFE) Mat Velvet Foundation

If you're wondering what shade I am, my shade is in 30.The texture is really matte and set on face very fast. The texture is quite thick and saturated but to apply it on combination skin face like me, I always spray some water or Avene Spring Water all over the face to give some moisture and this two combination glide easily and blend well on face. After after the foundation, I will spray again the Avene Spring Water or face mist to set the foundation.

The second last product in my top beauty favorites of the months. If you asking me which one I prefer between Naked original and Naked 2, my answer will be both! Both have their own specialties and pretty colors. Both have their own mood. Naked 2 is more into cool and light color instead of the original first Naked palette. Naked 2 may looks into more shimmers and glitters. But they are gorgeous and elegant. What can I say is, they are worth to own both. I love the colors,pigmentation and also the packaging.

Colors that I loved to use the most are:
Tease - matte taupe color (all over the lids) 
 Bootycall- satin champagne color (On brow bone)
Verve- shimmer champagne color (Normally on inner corner)
 Pistol- Shimmer dark grey taupe color. (On crease)

NYX Above & Beyond Full Coverage Concealor in Jar

Of course I save the best for the last.
What can I say is, I really love this amazing concealor. I amazed with the performance and texture.  I successfully cover up my scars , brow hair and so do bruise that I recently got it. The texture is thick enough to conceal some problem parts on face and even body. I really enjoyed using this concealor since the price is also affordable, consistency is great and longevity is up to 6 hours if you set it up with powder.  

Color I own: Beige

 (in the pot it looks quite dark maybe if we compared it with other light shades. However, if you are fair with asian warm yellow under-toned, this color suits you well.)

Price: RM 26-RM 29
Where to get: Sephora or any online stores.


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  2. widaaaa. selalu beli makeup online kat mana? boleh share linkss? tengss. :)

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