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JOM DEKO with Impiana and Elyza's Home

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Not many people love to decor their house due to hectic working lifestyle and also limited budget especially to youngsters (p/s: directly focused on me). However, I love to spend some of my income into room decoration especially on Vanity table, makeup organiser, beautiful comfy comforter, picture decor as well as curtains. Hey, its totally reflect our personality and style plus influence our mood too! Dirty room or house would make us feel down and

Recently, Impiana did a workshop to share the knowledge in decorating interior designs. This inclusive of curtains workshop by Elyza's House of Window Dressings. At first, Impiana editor gave a simple talk about interior design, the history and activity of the magazine itself and tonne of tips for the participants to take notes.

 After that, a full workshop on curtains was given by the owner of Elyza's Home herself, Elyza. She's so pretty and whats special about this store is, they can help you to do a preview or 3D view of your house before you decided to buy the curtains / decor the windows. This is to prevent decoration mistakes that might cost you double. So, before regret, better get a consultant from Elyza for the preview/ 3D view for free.

A picture of me with Elyza. 

Why do we need curtains in our room?

First reason is for our safety. Curtains help to cover the windows and ensure the the room is safe from outsiders' view.It is all about privacy. We doesn't want our neighbor to see what we do in the room especially in Malaysia, the houses are side by side and very near. Who knows we might have stalker around us. wooo~spooky.

Second reason is our health. Living in heart of Kuala Lumpur or in Klang area is quite challenging. The busy cities are full of dusts, cars are everywhere, constructions are uncountable. Therefore, curtains are needed to absorb sounds and prevent dusts from outside into the room. This could helps to

Third reason is to make the room looks attractive and complement with the ambiance and surrounding. At least curtains could splash some colors in the plain room.

Forth reason is to control amount of natural lighting. Without curtains, the sunlight might makes your room' temperature high and its so annoying especially when you are planning to get long rest or long sleep suddenly the light spot into you. Oh dear! its happened to me several times!

Fifth Reason is to synchronize or hide UNEVEN level/ size windows. Some houses the windows are not even; higher than another or they are located side by side but one is smaller than another one. Hence, curtains are the savior!

New piece of sheet now introduced as "black out" which will help to cover the shadows in the room. Previously, we only know: Curtains and sheers (the day time sheer curtains) but now, there's a new piece called "black out". woo hoo! This is to ensure there will be no lights or see through shadows on the main curtains. 
One piece is main curtain, another piece is 'blackout'. They're attached together and can be separated  because they put Velcro to attach these two-piece curtains.

These are some patterns I like in the catalog. I'm pretty sure when you're there, you can't make any desicion. There's too many themes and beautiful designs to choose from even me, I feel I want them all! hahaha


1) For the curtains, please keep them simple, elegant, exclusive, clean, tidy and neat. Does not choose any colors or any patterns that too crowded/ in Bahasa we called caca-marba

2) New exciting thing I know, previously we have "scallops" to decorate the upper part of windows. Now, a new innovative product come out with a name of pelmet. See the picture below then you know how beautiful  pelmet is.

Sales assistant is very friendly and they would not mind if you keep asking them questions. 

So, lets start deco our room! ya, I just did, changed my curtains, my bedsheet, cleaning up my vanity table, oh ya! and also re-organising my makeup collection. haha, boost up my mood on makeup. 
For room's perfume, I'm using aromatherapy set . A burner with candle underneath and boiling system applied. The aroma smell last for hours, up to 8 hours! Seriously, I feel very peaceful now with cleaned room. 

Elyza's Concept Stores:

De Casa Deko (Putra Kajang)
contact number : 03- 8741 3686  , 019-258 5804

Elyza's (Wangsa Maju)
Wangsa Maju di alamat 21G, Jalan Wangsa Delima 1A, Seksyen 5 Wangsa Maju, 53300 Kuala Lumpur (ekat dengan Wangsa Walk and Burger King drive thru)
contact number: 016-920 9354 , 03- 4142 7959

Elyza's (Shah Alam, SACC MALL)
03-5523 9628, 016 920 9350, 016- 920 9351


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