Friday, 13 December 2013

Makeup done by Ann Karim - Majalah Remaja Karangkraf December 2013

Featured on Majalah Remaja 1st December 2013 edition in makeup section! Woot Woot! jom makeup! . There was a funny story behind this photoshoot. When I got this magazine, I was laughing alone and started to flash back what had happened to me on that time, in Karangkraf makeup room.

On that photoshoot day, I was late to the studio due to few reasons. One because I was doing my internship in an event company so I have too many random things to take care on that time. Suddenly , last minute people called me to charge and bring home walkie-talkies , called me to do a paper work and what knot. Seriously, too many things to solve in last minute works. This is called event world, last minute calls! 

It was my bad day too, so I reached there late (not a positive attitude for new model to come late) and ya, I did apologized to the Makeup Artist, kak Ann Karim. Sorry kak. After that, she asked me to sit first at the makeup chair whilst she was busy doing hair styling on a handsome man. I was looking at the man for about 5 second (or maybe more than that!haha ) and stunned at his "good-looking" face feature. My heart saying " Wow! SubhanaAllah! handsomenye laki ni".. But when I was looking at him, he kept smiling (non-stop) until someone called him out for photoshoot. At the same time I was saying to myself " Perasan handsome ke laki ni? asyik senyum je ke sebab aku tengok dia, dia ingat aku syok kat dia?ish! ". I tried to look away and stop looking at him.  I'm afraid he will think I like him and will say "Perigi mencari timba". No way! haha. 
Then only I realised that he is Shahir from Akedemi Fantasia 8 (Malaysia Reality Show). Wow! He was sitting besides me! I supposedly say hi to him but my tongue was freezing and couldn't say anything plus I thought he is one of the fashion models that perasan handsome..LOL! *Please excuse my naive or should I called it as naivety for saying him "perasan handsome"? haha.  Maybe because he is too handsome and I don't really know how should I start a conversation with him. hahaha. Or maybe I shouldn't say hi to him. I don't know! What should I do next time when facing handsome guy? Need to learn more on this! ceh! haha. 

Moral of the story , only three words: ALWAYS THINK POSITIVE
-the end- 

Wiida Ribbon


  1. Makeup dan tanpa makeup tetap cantik! <3

  2. Wow congrats!!! You look beautiful!! You must have been so stressed out trying to get there on time but glad it all worked out :)

  3. Seronoknyaaa wiida! comel sgt! sukaa! xpela, sampai jugak n turns out the photo is really nice!

  4. i always love makeup section in magazines and you really look beautiful ^_^

  5. sharing dear x love the packaging n swatch ... seems like a good affordable product .. nice review ...thanks for


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