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Benefit Cosmetics Malaysia X The Butterfly Project Blogger Event (Part 2)

In this post, I am going to focus on the event held on last Sunday, collaboration between Benefit Malaysia and The Butterfly Project Malaysia. To those who doesn't know what is "The Butterfly Project" , it is a  community of independent beauty and lifestyle bloggers geared towards inspiring everyone around us.

Want to know further the story on the event ?  Keep reading til the end of the post! Thank you! Sayang you all! 

Information on event
Event name: Beauty BASH!
Venue: Benefit Starhill
Date: 8th December 2013
Time: 11am- 1 pm
Theme: Pink

Do you know that BENEFIT has a store or special counter at Sephora Starhill? YES! It is located upstairs, level 2 in Sephora Starhill. Basically you just enter Sephora then look for the elevator and press level 2. Then you will find Benefit concept store over there, it's located opposite the lift.  Its so pretty and cozy, you will feel more comfortable to try all Benefit products over here. Most of the items are new and if you want to try They're Real Mascara or any kind of liquid products, better come to this place than normal small counter in Sephora because over here, less people tend to try the products and the products are testable. Furthermore, we can get more attention from the sales assistance. Do not worry, they're friendly, just ask for their advise. There's also brow bar and if you want to get brow shaping. 

We were given opportunity to wear all the products on that day. So basically, we came over the event with bare face and went home with pretty makeup look. Hahaha. I know, it's funny! Went off home like a ghost and turned up like a doll. hahaha. That's what my mom said. 

Okay, later you will see my pale face before applying makeup. 

Event 's activities of the day were makeover demo and contest. We were given a demo how to do 5 minutes makeup using Benefit products and model of the day was Sabby Prue. Woot woot! Say hi to the celebrity! 

After the demo, we were assigned to do our own makeover by using 100%  Benefit products provided in the store. After the makeover, we need to post it up on instagram and tag Benefit cosmetics Malaysia. Through that, the organiser could trace the pictures and select the winner. 
 Guess what?! Once people heard there's winner in this activity, everyone went crazy. Who doesn't want to win Benefit products? Haha and panic button moment ON! 

Time given to makeover , only 30 minutes. 

All bloggers went panic and tried to do their best! Makeup skills revealed! Fuhh~ They all are very talented and creative, it was very competitive! 

Let's see what I've posted up on instagram...
Hey, can you spot the difference? Before and after makeup. 
Honestly, I did not wear any makeup on that morning because in the itinerary stated there will be makeover session, so I didn't put anything on! Like seriously! NO foundation only my clear aqua sunblock. That's it! So, please excuse my ghost face!
I tried most of the items that I do not have at home so, everything were new to me. I read all the items before applying because afraid of mistakes. hahah. Try to imagine if the thing is for face primer (colorless) but I put it as concealer, what theeeee... It won't conceal any part on my face forever even if I apply it for hours! hahah. Hurgh!!! haha.  Lesson of the day: Read before apply the product on face. 

So the winner for this activity was...

Overall, we had so much fun at the event with other blogger friends, making new friends, met up with other pretty bloggers. Wish to have another awesome with these girls.  See you in next post. I started to update my blog daily, hope I am able to do it til I got permanent job. 

Thank you for reading!

Other photos: 

Izzati (  youtube  |   blog  )

From left
Sabby Prue (Blog)
Iqa Yana (Blog)
Innanie (Blog)

Arisa ( Blog)

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