Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Wiida in local Newspaper UTUSAN MALAYSIA

Alhamdullilah, I got myself in local newspaper, Utusan Malaysia. Thank you to those who helped and cooperated into this interview either directly or indirectly. Thanks to Yuji, kak Ruby, Pak Ya , mak,ayah, blogger friends, best friends and YOU! <3

Newspaper: Utusan Malaysia
Section: Blogger Pilihan
Date: 21st December 2013
Day: Saturday

I went to my cousin's wedding on that day and quite busy to post it up in morning. :( but glad some of my friends noticed it and tagged me on Facebook. Thank you so much <3 

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Oh ya! peeps! after the news came out, my twitter followers instantly boost up. Wow! crazy huh? Instagram followers increased to 400+ . Alhamdullilah. <3 This happened to me on the past Maybelline contest, instagram followers boosted up to 300-400+  followers (can't really recall, maybe 500.).. but on that time I didn't really active my twitter so do my facebook page. Hope you guys can like my facebook page, follow my twitter and instagram. Thank you very much. A big thank  you to YOU! Anyway, Renee America's Next top model replied my tweet ! hahaha. (too soon to be happy ya?) hahah. syok sendiri!

InsyaAllah, I will do a giveaway to my readers as a token appreciation for following and read my blog. It's a New Year giveaway! Hope next year will be a better year and more giveaways to be given in next year! oh yeay! Alhamdullilah to all rezeki received, syukur, I'm so thankful to Allah. Love, Wiida.

Wiida Ribbon

Extra Talk
My mom commented: Awat senyum nampak gigi lagi tu? cuba senyum tak nampak gigi
My reaction : hurgh?! =,="
My dad reaction: Mat Salleh suka orang senyum nampak gigi. This is a good photo to them.
My reaction : haha. *proud for awhile/bangga sat
My mom replied: Tu Mat salleh, ni Malaysia. 
My reaction: Oh mak! potong stim, baru nak perasan sendiri. =,=" 

Kedah accent applied because we were in Kedah on that time. 


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