Sunday, 8 December 2013

Preview on Benefit Cosmetics Malaysia X Butterfly Project

Thank you to Butterfly Project and Benefit Cosmetic for inviting me to the event. As a simple reward to my Instagram followers, I did posted up a photo a doll head  (refer to photo below) on instagram and  Alhamdullilah got few people replied.. As a thank, I will like to give a mini present to the follower: Layla_qistina

Congratulations, She's the fastest respondent giving me the right answer. Do whatsapp me to claim your mini gift, product from Benefit. Not much, just simple products, hope you like it. This is the only way to thank my Instagram followers. 

Stay tuned for the story on Benefit event and also do follow my 
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for more random giveaways. InsyaAllah.  

Wiida Ribbon


  1. Replies
    1. InsyaAllah sementara tak de keje ni leh la wat keje. membusy kan diri blogging and blaja photoshop. haha

    2. Go wiida go!! tu nnti nk pegi NYC..Kumpul duit shopping bnyk2 tau..

  2. besarnya mascara tu..puas pakai..hehe

    1. Kan? puas ati nyah kai mascara ni. x leh nk complain. hahah

  3. bestnya Benefit Cosmetics! kita belum ada lagi, hopefully ada rezeki nanti ^_^

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