Saturday, 28 December 2013

ARTDECO Eyeshadow base review

I have received this eyeshadow back in SASA X Artdeco event launching on last month I believe. But only recently I'm addicted to use and include this cream base eyeshadow into my routine daily makeup. 

What's special about this base eyeshadow?

This is one of the best-seller product in Artdeco line. That is one the facts. 

Second, it is petite, travel-friendly and light. I like this, easy to apply, just rub and take as much product as we need only and apply on lids.

Third, the texture is smooth, easy to use, glides smoothly on lids and doesn't look patchy. I don't have many eyeshadow base, but this one is the silkiest and smoothest base eyeshadow I ever had. (Other one I have in my collection, which is one of the high end products, it is very patchy on eyelids and very hard to blend plus the texture is like wax). but surprisingly, this eyeshadow base turned out very good, amazingly smooth & blendable. 

Forth, it makes the eyeshadow stay all day long. Ok I lied, so far the longest time I've worn this eyeshadow was only 8 hours then I washed it out. haha. Haven't tested it out in 24 hours. but come on, who gonna eyeshadow up to 24 hours? The longest time you will wear them is about 14 hours? So far 8 hours the power of the color is still remaining there. 

Fifth, the cream is sheer but has shimmer in it. Only micro shimmer particles that does not look too obvious. Just nice, if you wear matte eyeshadow on top of it, it would not effect the matte eyeshadow. The matte would look matte, won't be shimmery. ^^ 

Function of eyeshadow base: To prime your eyelids before applying eyeshadow. Why? To get vibrant eyeshadow color and to make the eyeshadow stay all the long. Not only that, to get less fall out during eyeshadow application. 

This is the swatches of the base eyeshadow, in the photo I doesn't blend it well in order to show you the true color of the cream base shadow. 

This shows how amazing is the power of base eyeshadow. hehe. It picks up eyeshadow color nicely on skin and at the same time makes the color stay in placed. Great eyeshadow base. 4 over 5 stars for it! 

Where to get this eyeshadow base: SASA outlets in Malaysia
Price: RM 59
Made in Germany

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