Saturday, 7 December 2013

November 2013 Beauty Favourites!


Hello! Time to rock our Saturday with few of my beauty favourite products!

Eyes part
My current makeup style is more into bare simple makeup. It looks like no makeup on but there's makeup. haha. Get what I mean? So lets see the products for the eyes. 

1) MAC Groundwork paint pot is one of my favourite eye primer or on to go eyeshadow. Just use finger to swipe the color on lids and ya, its ready to go. This color is almost similar to "Painterly" which is bare skin color. 
2) Next, I normally set the groundwork cream shadow with Naked color from Naked palette (Num 1). The color naked is really bare and nearly similar to the skin. So, that is why I liked to use this color, simple and keep it natural. 
3) My favourite highlighter or also known as my favourite versatile eyeshadow is this,  Stila Kitten. I did a full review post on it.  The color is pretty natural on lids and wearable either for daily makeup or simple night makeup look. 

I have this mascara for quite a long time but never open it because I normally will use one mascara at one time. I just finished my Maybelline Rocket mascara (it's already dry) and due to that reason, I just opened my Mac Archie mascara collection. Feel guilty using it but what can I do, I still need to use it someday. haha.


Blusher is a must makeup product in my makeup routine . In this month I have been using this Nars blusher in Taos a lot. The color makes my face blush naturally and suit to my skin tone. 
If you are asking me for the best blush brush, my answer going to be " GO FOR SIGMA F40! It is freakin soft and worth every ringgit. No regret at all. Where to buy it? my favourite shopping online site is : "" . I bought all of my Sigma brushes over there especially when they've promotion. I'm collecting Sigma brushes slowly one by one. And now my Sigma brush collection is growing bigger. Alhamdullilah. Sikit sikit, lama lama jadi bukit. 

Lip colors of the month are cha cha tint from Benefit and Revlon Super lustrous lipgloss in Pink Pop. Woot Woot! Korean lips style, dap the lip tint onto lips, spread it evenly, then finish  it with lipgloss. Beautiful sexy lips!Mwaaahhhhh!  Pop up your natural beauty with lip tint! 
Fuh, lip tint is the best savior for people who looking for natural lip color but doesn't want to look too heavy with lipstick. This is the solution, get a lip tint! 

Last but not least, a skin care. It is a local brand serum mist, Essenseri. 
I love the idea of spraying since I don't really like to open a cap and then pour it, apply all over the face and you know, It consumes time and attention. Therefore, the idea of spraying is much easier. After bath, just wipe out your face and spray it into the face. Easy! Seriously, to those who know me well, you guys know, I'm a lazy bum. Just wanna share my simple daily skin care routine : remove makeup by using makeup remover, cleanse the face, spray some toner, serum and that's it! Moisturiser , I use it seldomly, I have no idea why I always skip moisturiser & night cream. I know, it's not good, but if my skin peel off, I will apply moisturiser, a lot! Seriously! hahaha (cuak muka kedut kering). 
A review on this product will be up soon!

Hope you enjoyed reading my November favorites! If you have any requests, do comment down below , what should I write for my next post? 

p/s:  I will be going to Benefit event tomorrow so catch me up for the next post. It's going to be extremely exciting post! Stay tuned! 

Wiida Ribbon

photos taken using Sony NEX 3N


  1. I just discovered your blog and this is awesome ! You are so cute !!! You look like Nora Danish :D (It's a compliment!)
    Love this monthly favourites :) xoxo

  2. Wiida kenapa citarasa kita sama? Kenapakah???? Hehe. Saya pun suka bahagian mata tu nampak macam tak makeup tapi sebenarnya ada pakai makeup. *High 5* Tak rugi beli Sigma kan? Saya pun tengah kumpul. Beli berus Sigma pun di Luxola. Aduh, sama lagi ni. :D

    1. hahah. tu la, makeup junkie ni! hahaha, so kite memang taste sama la .hahaha. Sigma kat Luxola mmg is the best price kan?

  3. haha i just noticed that you and sabrinatajudin have the same background for your product pics...korang ada the same bed sheet ke apa?? hehehe


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