Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Rouge DIOR Lipstick in Hyde Park (775) Review

Hyde Park, is a new color came out during the Fall collection 2013. 

I found out that  it lasted up to six hours from 10 am until 3 pm and it started fading off after I had my lunch. I did touch up the lip color after eaten, yet the color was remain there but not solid as before.

The texture.
It glides smoothly and silky on my lips and at the same time moisturize my lips without makes it feel sticky and heavy.The color is truly opaque, bold and highly pigmented. Enough with single stroke, it could reach the full coverage. 
Amazingly smooth, buttery and silky on lips! (no oily sticky feeling)
The color
It is can be described as Strawberry red with hint of pink. At first, in the store, I thought the color is more into bright fuchsia pink. But later on, after I applied it on lips and wear it in public, I feel the color is not fuchsia anymore, it is more into strawberry red (red with pink undertone). I'm glad that I chose this color for my first Dior lipstick.

The packaging
Very classy and elegant. The lock click secures the lipstick tube. No worries to bring it in purse.

Rate: Full 5 stars!

What do you think about this lipstick?
 Love it or leave it?
You should try it in store one day! It is my love! Whenever I have cracked lips, I will use this lipstick to cover my chapped lips. hehe. great trick ya? hehehe. 

Wiida Ribbon


  1. wiidaaaa, sab terpegun tgk belakang. buat room tour or youube video la! awk tu comel sgt! hehe... lipstick tu cantik, macam raspberry sikit color dia...

  2. Cantik warnanya. Sweet... Tak merah sangat. Just nice. Di belakang tu yang awesome. Nak request room tour! ehe.. :D

    CC : Sabrina Tajudin : Kann.. kat belakang tu yg menarik perhatian. Wajib buat room tour tu. Dah lama tunggu ni... termasuk Sab sendiri. Room tour please...... Hehe.

  3. Absolutely love the colour! I've only tested out Dior Lipsticks at Sephora, still giving thousands of thoughts before purchasing em.

  4. so pretty! i've been into red lipstick these days, and i think this will suit me as we have similar skin tone. :)


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