Wednesday, 4 December 2013

STILA KITTEN review & swatches

Salam and Hi! 
It is about an eyeshadow,  my on to go single eyeshadow and believe it or not, last two weeks, I accidentally dropped it and it was broken into powder! Oh seriously, my heart was like.."OH NOOOOOOO! My Stila! " But, I can't do anything. It has been broken, shattered  and the only thing I can do is, I NEED to fix it and use it back.

The color is more into pink-champagne highlighter color.

I always use this color as my daily eyeshadow color / inner corner eyes highlighter color / on the middle of eyelids / sometimes on my cheekbones as highlighter/ eyebrow bones highlighter, upper lips middle area for sexy dimesion lips / shoulder bones to give some glow on it / on my nose to make high nose look.

As you can see, I've use it in every different ways and that is the reason why I loved this eyeshadow so much. The color is more into pinkish tone and this makes my warm skintone looks more glowy and alive instead of yellowish highligther color. 

In this photo, I applied the eyeshadow on my inner corner of the eyes and also on my nose. Naturally glow highlighter blends with my skintone. 

Now, time to jump into the pros and cons of the product.

"Kitten is a shimmery nude pink champagne shade."


Bullet Graphics It has buttery and silky texture that glides smoothly on skin.
Bullet Graphics It is incredibly pigmented.
Bullet Graphics It can be applied either in wet/ dry way.
Bullet Graphics The longevity is up to 8 hours
Bullet Graphics Can be used in many ways as I mentioned earlier. Very versatile eyeshadow color. I always bring this in my handbag and that is why I accidentally dropped it while taking out my purse. :( 

Bullet Graphics I have noticed that the pan is quite messy with tonne of fall out.
Bullet Graphics I don't want to mention the price, I know its expensive but it's worth!

Final words: 
Highly recommended product to those searching for highlighter color for inner corner of eyes, cheekbones & etc. 

Where to get this?
Sephora Malaysia

Price: RM 60

Non-edited photos from Sony NEX 3N


Fired it away!! but mind your words! <3 Please be gentle to each other, girls.

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