Friday, 6 December 2013

MAKEUP REVIEW: Browlash EX Lash Curler Express

BCL Browlash Ex Lash Curler Express is a Japan brand product. To those who wondering what product is this, It is actually a mascara.  So, when I received this product I imagine to get big round eyes like most of Japanese gyaru eyes do.  Want to know my thoughts on this product? Make sure you keep reading until the end of the post. 

The product described as 
"BCL Browlash Ex Lash Curler Express Mascara, Curl & Long gives you a long & curl eyelash finish virtually without the use of a regular eyelash curler. The original special comb design enables a perfect fusion of mascara liquid on every root of eyelash. The special polymers allows an extensive eyelash lengthening & curling up performance than ever It gives you a radiant separate finish as well High resistance to sweat and sebum, still easily removed by lukewarm water, or eye makeup remover. With 5 treatment ingredients including hydrolzed silk protein, collagen, and panthenol for eyelash nourishement. " 

As the name stated  "Lash Curl Express", it should works like what it supposed to do, to curl up the lashes without using any curler tool.  
To be honest, I don't normally use curler.. This is because I have short lashes and I'm more into lengthen my lashes instead of curling it up. Okay, too many excuses, it's actually because I am lazy bum. That's it! haha. Too lazy to grab my curler plus I need to wait for few seconds before applying mascara. Don't you think so? haha. I don't normally use curler in daily basis, but for some occasions yes, I will use it. *exclusive confession. 

Product descriptions
  • Curl up lashes with one application
  • It contains curl-keep polymer that keeps lashes curled all day long. (also known as curl wax)
  • Great lengthening effect without clumps ( Its silk fiber attach to the lashes, lengthen and volumize your lashes without clumping)
  • Contains 5 types of beauty essence ingredients ( Hydrolyzed silk, collagend, hydrolyzed keratin, panthenol and seaweed extract)
  • Smudge proof & can be removed easily by lukewarm water only! (It resists sweat and sebum without smudging. Film type mascara which can be easily removed with lukewarm water) 

The brush is small and easy to apply on both lashes; upper and lower lashes. It is a special 40 degree curved shape brush with super fine brush ended for accurate application and retouching the lashes tips. This is very useful for lower lashes, with this brush it can reach my lower lashes nicely with smudging. I'm very  impressed with the brush shape. 

Well, pictures explain better. 

As you can see, my lashes are really thin and fine. Without mascara, they can't be seen (invisible lashes, hehehe)  and after applying it, my lashes look standout and yeayyy I have lashes!
 The lashes are curl up ,visible, thicker than bare lashes and have no clumps. 

Direction to use

1) Put the brush on the base/ root of your lashes for 3 seconds and then apply the mascara for the rest of the lashes. 
2) Apply it few coats to get longer lashes .
3) Apply the mascara in Zig Zag motion from the root to the tips to get optimum result and adding volume. 

Throughout all photos, I did not apply few coats, it is only one coat. So, what I can say is, it's really good in curling lashes with only one application. 

First Impression Review

I was very impressed with the brush because I thought it's gonna be an ordinary brush, but it's not. It comes with small, curved shape and precise brush , easy for me to apply on both lashes; upper & lower lashes. Can reach all the lashes from roots to tips .  Not only that, the wand is comfortable to hold and easy to control.
I was also impressed with the formula, doesn't make any clumps on my lashes and naturally brush my lashes to make them curved, volumized and at the same time doesn't feel heavy or sticky. One coat should be enough, that is what I love about this mascara. Furthermore the mascara makes my eyes pop up , kinda brighten up my eyes and automatically gives bigger eyes effect.
The curl lashes stay up to 8 hours, they are really stay on place without smudging. Finally, one more thing I loved about this mascara is,it is easy to remove by warm water. For the first time, I used makeup remover to remove all of my makeup, then after that, in the shower, all the excessive mascara washed out and I came out from the bath with clean bare lashes.
One downside of this mascara is, it is not really lengthen up the lashes. Maybe my lashes are too short and stubborn but what I've noticed is the mascara doesn't elongate my lashes and my lashes only look curl, visible but not long.

More information head to BCL facebook page

Where to get the mascara?
In Sasa outlets

Wiida Ribbon

Disclaimer: This product is a sponsored product, however all of my thoughts are owned by myself. 
Camera: Sony NEX 3N


  1. i still remember the joy we all had when applying 3 diff mascaras from BCL at a time, hehe! this one is excellent, it definitely gives awesome curl to our lashes!

  2. Great review! Sadly, I'm unable to wear mascara as of now because a few of my lashes keguguran. :(


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