Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Urban Decay Naked Basics Review

I've been eyeing for this palette for almost a year and only recently I have got this cute awesome palette in hands after 20% off. I got this at the end of last year when Sephora did 20% off for all of white-card members and I'm glad that I finally grabbed this into my collection.

What can I summarized for this palette is, it has everything!  Everything I need for eye makeup in one palette. I can get liner, eye shadow, brow bone & inner corner highlighter as well as brow shadow. If you are curious how to use this palette with all I have mentioned earlier, just keep reading it. 


Urban Decay is known with it's buttery silky eyeshadow.My personal views on this palette, it glides smoothly on the eyelids and very pigmented. So far, the only color that I feel it's a little patchy is "crave" a black with dark brown hint to it. Others I have no complains with them.


The colors can last to 6 hours on me without primer. I normally apply this shadows using fingers for faster application especially when I am on rush.

*swatches without primer


Venus is a satin color which is pretty to be used on brow bone or tear duct (inner corner)
Foxy is a color that reminds me of MAC paint pot soft ochre (exists in Naked 2 palette). It is a beige color with yellow-undertoned to it. Can be used as base color to pop out the rest of the eyeshadow colors. 
W.O.S can be described as pale pink beige. 
Naked2 is my favorite color. I normally use is all over the lids and it looks very natural on the eyes. 
Faint is medium dark brown and it has been my daily favorite eyeshadow. Can be used on the crease or on lids as simple as that. 
Crave is black with dark brown color hint to it. It can be a little tricky to work with. 
can be used as eyeliner too or do smokey look with it.

For brow shadow color, you may mix "faint" and "crave" to get desire brow color. Sometimes, I only use faint for my brows.


For some reason, I like the packaging material. it is made from plastic but I don't really know what kind of plastic it is, it is kinda rubbery but I'm not too sure.. It has pretty large mirror comes together with "lock" packaging, so that you can throw it into your handbag and it would not get mess up. Travel-friendly with small size of packaging , sleek and it fits my small hand palm size. Have to say this too, the palette is pretty sturdy though it is made from plastic.

If you are fan of neutral almost naked color, you should get this palette. It has everything you need for natural eye makeup look and also smokey dark eye makeup if you know how to play with those color especially "crave". The palette is quite pricey yet if we looking at brighter side, it has very pigmented colors and nice texture, I think it is a win. 

My favorite colors are Naked 2, Faint and foxy for the brow bone highlighter. That is what I normally use on my eyes for daily basis.

Personal rating: 4 / 5. - There's no unique colors in this palette, suits with the name, BASICS. 

Available at Sephora | RM 98

Wiida Ribbon

All opinions are truly mine. Not everyone has the same opinions, maybe it would works on you  maybe not. Try this out at the counter before purchasing. Thank you. 


  1. Back to basic is sometime fulfil your beauty! Nice info and review Wiida! :)

    1. thank you kak innanie, ya, back to basic is the best natural makeup ever. haha. <3

  2. Wiida! Stop seducing me! hehe

    1. haha. grab it when sephora do 20% off. hahaa. but most of the colors we can get from other palettes as well. tapi, for convenient reason, boleh la grab this palette (jahat jahat) hahaha.

  3. I just found your blog and I really enjoy reading your reviews. I',m your fan from now on <3hihi

    1. Thank you so much! Glad that you enjoyed it. <3 *hug!

  4. love the way you review this palette! tengok its colors memang betul2 basic kalau tersalah apply pun maybe tak susah nak samarkan semula :)

  5. Saya suka Urban Decay Naked Basics ni! Tengok warna macam tak menarik tapi bila pakai sendiri baru tahu. Hehe. Bestnya beli masa 20% sale. Nice review, dear. :)

    P/S : Kena beli cepat UD palette sebab pandai naik harga. Hikhik. :D

  6. You’re lucky to have it at 20% off! :D
    ~Pauline @ Urban Decay Philippines

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