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Maybelline Lip Polish Glam 2 and 7 Review

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Today it's time for me to do a review on these two awesome babies from Maybelline. Lip Polish is a new product line from Maybelline, just reached in Malaysia about few weeks. Well, I entered Watsons for so many times and keep swatching them on back of my hand. Guess what?! For the entire day window shopping at the mall, the lipgloss stain was still there. Keep reading if you want to know further on my thoughts. ^^ 

Glam 7 is on left, Glam 2 is on right.

Maybelline Lip Polish is fall under the spell of elixir effect with hyper-saturated color and ultra cushion-y feel (as described in their official website), it creates the NEW HYPNOTIC LIP SENSATION.

The formula has three main highlights which contains Potent Color Extracts for high color pigments and deep intense lip color ( in Maybelline website, this product is not under "lipgloss", it is lip color ). Next highlight is Concentrated liquid lipbalm gives high hydration to the lips and allows cushion-y feel and comfort. Basically, it's moisturising. The third highlight will be the "Glossy Shine Serum" that makes lips look glossy, fuller, sexier and healthier lips. So basically, the concept for this product is combination between lipgloss and lip balm. 
Personally I feel the texture is a bit "heavy" nothing too light or not too heavy, just in moderate, in  between heavy and light yet it glides smoothly on the lips with silky buttery formula. No sticky feeling and it does smoothen my cracked lips (hide all the visible lines on lips ). Yes, for chapped lips, this would be a great "secret tool" to hide all the dead cells. It's like magic! 

It has decent sweet smell, still bearable. If you are allergic to fragrance, you are advised to try this out on your skin first (small area) and wait for few hours. This lip color leaves fade stain and only stays on lips for 3 to 4 hours. Need to re-apply and touch up after eaten. 

The applicator is designed slightly curve upward to allow easy application on lips. The size of the brush or do we call it sponge? (I don't really know the material of the applicator) yet the size is suits with women lips, not too big or no too small cause some of lipgloss' applicators are tend to give heavy messy smudge on lips but not for this buddy. The sharp edge brush allows precise application onto lips .

By looking at the tubes, Glam 2 is much brighter than Glam 7. At first I thought Glam 7 color will be more into nude-y side and Glam 2 is like coral-y red. However, when I opened both tubes, they are kind of the same. Wait! let me find the right word for you. They are not same, they are similar but different in finishes. ^^ .Why do I say that? Please refer to picture below, scroll down~

As you can see, there's small particles of gold shimmer in Glam 2 whilst Glam 7 the color is truly plain and opaque, no shimmer in it. If I would to describe the color differences between Glam 2 and 7, I would say Glam 7 has brown under-toned (warmer) compared to Glam 2. 

Packaging wise? I must say they are cute! The design is a bit tricky and unique. It looks like lipstick bullet but when we screw it out, it's actually a lipgloss! Same size with Maybelline color sensational lipsticks despite they're in liquid form. To keep the lipgloss safe, you are advised to make sure the cap is locked tightly to avoid any leaking. 

Where to get this product?
Watsons/ Guardian

Price: Around RM 30 ++ 

Wiida Ribbon

  Gifts from MaybellineMalaysia.


  1. it's mostly RM32.90 coz i've been checking out all places that have Maybelline, hehe! really love this product, moisturizing to the max! my favourite would be Pop 6 ^_^

  2. the swatches nampak sama..but still have a bit differences
    thanks for this review wiida :)

  3. Both of the colours are so pretty! Great review :D

  4. The packaging is so classy! I would try this soon. Awesome review ^^



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