Monday, 20 January 2014

Essenseri Skin Care Review

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Today's post going to be a little bit different, which is a skincare set review. Have you ever heard about this brand before? It's Essenseri, a local brand that offers 4 products at this moment specially design for Asians skin type suit with Malaysia weather; high humidity and warm. Just to let you know that I have received this products while ago but only now I have the chance to do a complete review on these 4 items, a cleanser and 3 serum mist after using them for several months.

To those who know me well, I am a person that doesn't put much attention on skin care routine. I always skip my moisturizer and toner, only apply when I'm in mood or if the product comes in simple method such as spraying. So, before I received this serum, I normally would spray thermal water on my face as toner and moisturiser (2 in 1) right after cleansing. hahaha. Unless my face is too dry, I will apply some vitamin oils or moisturizer cream gel. Therefore, when I know about this product, I immediately say YES to try this out! hahaa. 

Just giving you a short opinions on the product packaging. Personally I feel the packaging is pretty exclusive and cute. It reminds me of Korean skin care design and the colors used are totally into feminine girlish side. However I found that the label is not stays in placed. It keeps moving out and the sticker is not strong enough to pull it back. Nonetheless, everything is fine, first impression was good , positive enough to attract buyers. 

Whitening Serum Mist

I have been using this serum since the day I received the product and I'm currently running out of it (only left 30%) .This serum has UV-Ray protection and the ingredients in this serum are work to brighten up and reducing fine lines on your face. 

Acne Reduction Serum Mist

This is specialist for acne skin in order to reduce the blemishes along with oil control. Besides that, it works to reduce redness and excessive oil. Great for oily skin-typed. 

Anti Defying Serum Mist
Age Defying serum is suitable for age 30's onward.  It helps to increase collagen production and elastin. It works to reduce lines, wrinkles, anti-aging and lift up the skin. I gave this serum to my mom and she's using it now. So far, there's no negative feedback from her. It works gently on my mother's skin. 

The formula of the mist is great, it absorbs quickly into the skin and doesn't feel oily or greasy. The texture of the serum mist is a combination of water and gel;  watery gel , I don't really know how to describe it but what I know, you would not feel oily or sticky.
I normally use this mist as my Toner + moisturiser + serum, so after cleanse my face I will usually straightly spray it onto the face. Easy for lazy bum like me!

One awesome thing about the packaging is the caps. It has double caps to secure the product from lacking. 

As you can see, the foam is not that much and it doesn't create any heavy bubbly foam. I normally use this cleanser with my "Olay Regenerist cleansing tool" which is complement very well! It works great as it doesn't irritate and drying out my thin dry skin.

Final words

Overall, I liked the concept of spraying instead of pouring onto the palm and that needs to be praised of (claps) since the "spraying" method is much easier, and convenient, I really like the product so much especially the serum mist! it has becomes my fixed skin care product! Even though I didn't see any changes on my face for the "whitening" side, but I love the fact that it protects my face from UV rays and  moisturizes my dry face skin. Would I re-purchase this product? YES! Absolutely yes. 

How about the scent? Well, to me, I do not now why I smell nothing. hahaha. Maybe I just do not know how to describe the scent ?  Ok, what can I describe the smell in one word is,  the mist has "pleasant" smell. Good enough? hehe.

Where to get this product?
You can buy online or call the stockists for help. I wish they are access-able since for now they are only can get through online and from stockists. 

Attention! This skincare may gives different results based on different skin types. Hence, please be careful, do some test before applying the product onto your face.

Disclaimer: These are sponsored items however it doesn't affect my thoughts.


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  2. kita pun ada pakai essenseri, spray mist dia best! pasni nak beli lagi, hehe


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