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OLAY Regenerist Advanced Cleansing System Review

Olay Regenerist advanced cleansing system is a tool for better cleansing. It helps to clean face much deeper and cleaner than regular manual hand method. 
People keep saying that it is a dupe or shall I call it "substitute" product of  high end cleansing tool, Clarisonic Mia since both work similar to cleanse the face effectively and removing all the dirt on the face. 

The product claims it could cleanse the face up to 4 times better than normal hand method or with cleanser alone, gently exfoliates all the dead skin and enables better penetration of the actives contained in Micro-Sculpting Cream when used together. According to them, the benefits for using this tool is to get better, cleaner skin fresh feeling and improving the skin texture to be smoother and prevents breakout.

Personally I feel these are true. Whenever pimples appear and live happily on my face, I will immediately use this and after two days they start fading off leave my face alone. Thank God! Alhamdullilah! So far there's no negative effect after using this cleansing device. 

It comes with;
(1) cleansing tool & brush head
(1) Olay Skin renewal cleanser (20ml)
(1) AA Batteries 

This product has 2-speed control and it is water resistant, can be used in shower. It gives daily deep cleansing with gentle exfoliation.  Not only that, it is also works better on removing dirt, makeup and even at the oily area ; T zone area to ensure the skin stays fresh and clean. 

There's some difficulties in order to remove the battery cover. Maybe they should design it with a special lock system instead of this? You need to have pretty long nails to pull off this cover. But nonetheless, this is not a big problem for me anyway. Batteries need to change once it dies and until now, after a month plus using it, it is still functioning. 

The batteries come together in the box so for the first use,  batteries are free! 

There's two buttons
Upper button (bigger button) : SWITCH , ON AND OFF at the same button
Lower button (smaller button) : Speed controller (it has 2-speed: medium and fast)

The way how to use it is quite clear and direct. Just click the button and you would see the device works. If not, there's something wrong with your device or the batteries. Sometimes we might do some mistakes by putting the batteries in wrong position. So, just double check with the batteries ya?

One down side is the tool doesn't has brush cover to protect the brush from germs and keeping it in the shape. Clarisonic Mia has its own brush cover but not for this one. I guess that's why the refill / replacement brush is selling at low price. Anyway, it is not so important, because we need to change the brush frequently at least once in every 3 months to avoid any bacteria or germs especially when it comes to "face skin" thingy. 

This is the result after using the cleansing system, even I have removed the makeup earlier. There's still dirt and left over foundation on my face. It is so grimy, I just can't believe it! Now only I know why I have pimples on my face! Clogged pores and not completely cleaned. 

Look at the cotton pad, there's no residue after using this cleanser. I used cotton pad with toner to wipe off any residue and at the same time, to minimize the opened pores. Luckily, there's no residue for this review photo. Thank God! hahaha. 


At first I thought I won't need this cleansing system since I would normally cleanse my face using gel pad ( the one that selling in Daiso) or just cleanse normally like normal people do. However, one day, I was thinking to give a try on this device after seeing it at promotion price , so why not I just giving it a try and  after tried it, trust me, it is worth every penny you spent especially to those who doesn't afford to buy Clarisonic Mia.
Maybe I have no rights to compare this with Clarisonic Mia but comparing them in physically, I found that it is much smaller and compact than Clarisonic Mia. I have hold and tried clarisonic Mia in Sephora before and noticed that this is much lighter and convenient. Clarisonic is heavier and bulky yet it works very well with vibration oscillating motion instead of rotating. Nevertheless, there's a huge price difference between these two beauty tools.
Just want to spice up this product, I been loving this device and now I influenced my mom and sister , forced them to try this tool out! Planning to get the refill brush head so that we can share the same device but use our own brush head. What do you think? It's economical style, budget 2014. ^^ 

If you are still wondering, which one you should get it?

What can I say; if you have the money, go for Clarisonic Mia, but remember the refill / replacement head brush is selling at high price too, RM 90+. If not, Olay regenersit cleansing system is a great product too!

**Highly recommended for makeup users. If you wearing makeup in daily basis, buy one to avoid any breakout. A great cleansing tool for starting a good face skin care

  • it is travel friendly, light and compact
  • it is water resistant
  • selling at affordable price
  • there's brush head replacement selling at Watsons
  • the brush is soft and less dense compare to Clarisonic Mia

  • No brush cover
  • Very hard to open the battery cover
  • There's no timer for this device. I wish there's timer so that we can time ourself and it stops when it should stop. 

Where to get: Watsons |

Price: RM 100-RM 130
Brush Head replacement: RM 25 +  (2 in a box)


  1. looking at how dirty it is even when you have removed your makeup, maybe its because your makeups are all very pigmented or the makeup remover is not enough. i removed my makeup first before using my Olay Professional Pro-X (same like this but UK version hence the diff name) and my brush didnt get that dirty at all. I saw some other bloggers did comparison between using it after they remove their makeup and without removing their makeup too. the difference will determine how long the brush heads can serve you ;)

    1. oh really? I think I just put too much makeup on my face plus the most difficult part to remove is my eyebrow color gel. Luckily after using this tool, pimples around my brows are decreasing & fading off. Maybe because I don't really wipe my face properly because cleanse. Patut la pimples suka party2!

  2. No brush cover is a hassle, but nothing one can't deal with. Thanks for the review. I feel that it's a good alternative to Clarisonic, as Clarisonic is expensive for most people.
    Beauty Fashion Skin Care Blog - Girlie Blog Seattle | Cheap Makeup Reviews

  3. Wiida, akak pun teringin nak beli either Olay brush ni atau Clarisonic.
    Tengok lah nanti akak usha dulu keperluannya macam mana.
    Since akak fobia sikit bila device dengan air ni semua.. hahahah takut electric shot! hahahaha
    Paranoid gila aku! ")

    btw, thanks and good sharing.

    1. haha, wiida pun teringin gak with clarisonic mia 2, tp.. mahal sgt. maybe our age ni still ok with this olay cleansing system. nnt age 30 + or nk kawen, minta la clarisonic as hantaran! hahaha. clarisonic PLUS ke, bru SYOK! hahaha. . tp pakai ni pun dh okay, aslkan muka bersih. maybe too much makeup kot. huhuhu

  4. yang penting bersih ke tak? masuk ke dalam pori2 muka tak

  5. hi, may i know where u get the brush head replacement?

  6. Wow, perfect. Fortunately, I found your website!
    Thanks for sharing! Mac Makeup UK


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