Friday, 10 January 2014


Good Morning folks! It has been a week I received this Xmas gift from Mivva and Kao (a collaboration gift) to Mivva bloggers. Thank you very much for this wonderful gift. I can't express the happiness through words only God knows the feeling how happy am I receiving this gift and I really appreciate it. I was really surprised when I received the big box because what I know, I didn't order anything online .
The box contains 4 full-sized products and all are worth up to RM 150.

Liese Bubble Hair color is one of their popular products. The color is quite bright  based on the color chart and whats special about this hair color is, it can be used by shampoo-ing method instead of applying using manual traditional salon method. I don't dye my hair anymore unless by using henna in purpose of covering my grey-hair (hehehe) . So who wants this? hands up! hands in the air please! oh yeah (song plays in my mind) 

The second product is my favorite cleansing wipes. I still have the old one, haven't finish using it and Alhamdullilah I got another one as backup so that I can save up some money there (yeayyy!!!) .Yet, I  wondering if the new Biore cleansing wipes packaging does affect its cotton wipes texture and size or it's still remain the same like the older version but only the packaging changed?  I will open it up soon and do review, InsyaAllah. 

Third product is Biore waterproof makeup remover with water based formula. I never know that Biore has this makeup remover formula. I have the oil-based make up remover but seldom use it since I have cotton wipes, they're much easier and save a lot of time. However, liquid makeup remover is needed to remove lower lashes makeup residue/ eyeliner residue and stubborn leftover mascara on lashes. I will certainly do a review on this makeup remover since I've been searching for a great liquid remover that won't hurt my eyes. 

Next is Liese Smooth Hair Cocktail Serum/ Oil Serum . Oh dear, this is the most exciting product of all. I have been eyeing this product since last two years. For some reasons, I keep skipped buying this product. I fell in love when I tried it for the first time at Watsons (the sample). During that time, I just finished my Diploma and working part time as a promoter at Watsons. It was only 2-day promoter job and I tried it during "working hour" Ops! hahaha. I still remember the product works great on me, smooth en my hair, less frizzy stubborn electrode hair and most importantly it smells amazing. I'm glad that I finally got this in hands as it reminds me my old days. Thank you for all these. 

They might look nothing to you but for me, they are meaningful, my first biggest present ever and this would be my sweetest moment in this year, 2014. What a great start to the year. 

Thank you for reading ^^
-Catch you later 

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  1. I didn't know that Biore made makeup remover either - good to know. I think lower lash makeup is always hard to remove. I wonder how the Biore performed? Thanks for sharing these products. Looking forward to future reviews.
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  2. What a cute box!! I've never tried any of these products, they look interesting!

  3. Love your post! the box is so pretty ! :D

  4. hi, hello! ini adalah first time saya menyinggah awak punya blog. seriously, your english is great. since this is my first time, i thought you are a chinese. nice entry, my friend.

    p/s: is that nora danish? no it's not. you really look like nora danish.
    p/s/s: sorry if my english is bad. anyway, nice blog!

  5. Bestnya dapat Biore dan Liese Serum tu. Kalau la saya dapat tu semua sudah tentu happy sebab 3 daripada 4 produk tu memang saya nak. Hehe. 4 full size bernilai RM150 siapa tak nak kan? :)

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