Saturday 8 February 2014

NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils Review (Yogurt, Pure Gold, Strawberry Milk & Milk)

"A radiant eye liner that also doubles as an eye shadow. Made with a blend of mineral oil and powder, our creamy Jumbo Eye Pencils glide on effortlessly—no pulling, tugging or fading—and come in a rainbow of vivid hues. Some call her chubby. We say voluptuous."

NYX Jumbo eye pencil has been popular since the line was introducing to the market. It works as  cream eye shadow in a stick as well as base eye shadow also known as eye primer. Not only that, the pencil also functioning like normal size eye pencil- draw eyeliner on eye or on lower lashes eyeliner.

Eventually I have 5 colors in my collection but other one; Iced Mocha is almost similar with yogurt. therefore I gave it to my sister.

I only picked up "light color family" instead of darker colors because I want to use them as natural daily eye makeup "cream shadow" and primer. Not only that, they are great as inner corner and waterline highlighting.
The reason why I picked up "milk" because it is the best seller color and personally I feel it works great as a base-eye shadow color as it boosts up any light less-pigmented eye-shadow color.

USES of Jumbo Eye Pencil:
  1. Eyeliner ( use brush to get precise line)
  2. Eyeshadow
  3. Base eyeshadow/primer
  4. Inner corner highlighter (tear duct area)
  5. Waterline highlighter
  6. Cheekbones/ nose bone/ brow bone highlighter
  7. Brighten up under eye are

This line has varies of colors from solid  matte white until metallic colors, 32 colors in total.   
They have intensely pretty colors and creamy. On top of that, you can blend the eye shadow to soften the color which is very easy to work with. 

Have you ever faced this kind of problem? Less-pigmented eyeshadow, very dissapointed yet feel wasted to throw it away? If yes, this Jumbo eye pencil is the savior! 
It picks up the eye shadow and turns it into a beautiful vibrant color!

It is easy to blend, glides smoothly onto the skin as well as creamy.  
However, this product is not smudge-free cream shadow and water-proof either.  It would smudge and fading off if we rub the area harshly. They may creased a little bit if you apply it heavily. Hence, after applied it on the lids, you need to blend it well to get a pretty eye shadow color.

Staying Power
I would say around 4 to 7 hours depending on the way you used it. If you applied powder eyeshadow on top of it, it will lasts until 6 to 7 hours. If only the cream shadow, I would say around 4 hours and later on it would creasing. 
However, last time in a photo-shoot, a vibrant green color of Jumbo eye pencil was applied on my lower lashes by a makeup artist and I found that it lasts more than 8 hours. I guess the colors did influence the longevity. 

Jumbo size makes it's hassle to do precise eyeliner line, nevertheless it works well in coloring the lids and also for inner corner highlight. It has clear cap which is a good thing so that I can see the color easily, anyhow the cap is made from thin  plastic that easily broken. Need to store carefully and once it's broken the product will get messed up. *refer to the photo.

Personal Rating: 2.5 / 5
This is because I only used them several times only when I need something to boost up my less-pigmented eye shadow and to get vibrant colors for photo-shoot. I don't really use them for daily basis because they are tend to crease especially when I am sweating (I have oily eyelids because I am an outdoor girl, especially with Malaysia weather, you going to sweat a lot).  After all, it is a great basic jumbo eye pencil. 

Available at Sephora Malaysia
Price: RM 19 +

Wiida Ribbon

All opinions are truly mine. 


  1. Saya cuma ada NYX Jumbo (Milk) saja. Jarang guna. Hihi. Wiida, miss you! Macamana New York? Mesti best kan! Lebih-lebih lagi, shopping!!!!!!!!!!!!! Haha. :D

  2. Ooohhh... They all look really pretty. I especially like Strawberry milk, Milk and Pure Gold.

  3. Love them! :)

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  4. Mcm mane nak order ye..boleh whatsapp tak

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