Friday, 21 February 2014

Beauty Haul from New York

Being a makeup addict, cosmetics shopping can't be separated Therefore, I did some cosmetics haul from drugstore as well as high end products such as Sephora and Mac (at least to Malaysian MAC is one of expensive makeup brands) . 

So, without further due, lets jump into the haul!

In Malaysia, there's no bath and body works and since it is popular with its signature product of pocket bacs ( sanitizer) so I planned to go there and grab some of their products. 
Original price: 1.75 USD | promotion price for Valentine's day : 1 USD. 

The price range for a pocket bac's casing is between 0.50 to 8 USD.

From left: shower gel (11USD, discounted to 4 dollar), body lotion (11USD discounted to 4 USD) and body mist (14 USD marked down to 6 dollar).

At first I didn't planned to buy any products from Victoria Secret, anyhow, they were having promotion of 7 items for 35 USD and therefore I was influenced to pick 7 items from the shelf. haha. 

"Desire" is my ultimate favorite scent from all of them. If you ask me "whats your favorite body mist scent from VS?" and my answer will be this! DESIRE! I believe this scent hasn't reach Malaysia yet.

VS Malaysia doesn't carry any Pink products therefore I grabbed one of their Pink body mist line and trust me, this smell the best (if you have same fragrance taste with me). Price: 6USD. 

Maybelline color tatoo is my favorite line from Maybelline. I wish Maybelline Malaysia carries more colors so that I could add more into my collection. from Left: Pomegranate and Barely branded

Eye pencils from Rimmel in color of Nude and Taupe (6USD each). Nude is a pretty color to be used on waterline however the color is almost similar to Sephora 12 H blonde except  Rimmel has "matte finish" and more into light skin tone concealor color ( for some reason, it reminds me of NYX wonder pencil). While Sephora 12H blonde has light champagne yellow under-toned with shimmer in it. 

NYC Taupe eyebrow / eyeliner pencil. The texture is great to be used on brows instead of liner.

Maybelline master smoky, I'm still playing with this product and trying to get new techniques and varies makeup looks from this pencil. 

It is not easy to get this baby skin in New York. Price range for this Baby Skin is 9 to 11 USD. I will do a full review on this product very soon. 
Malaysian and Singaporean readers, You can get this product at

I just wanted to try product from this brand, Jordana therefore I decided to take these two lip pencil colors: natural baby berry and Plush Plum. Both have great color pay off. 

Lip balms. Baby lips formulation from US is not same to Malaysia version of baby lips as well as the packaging. Due to that reason, I greedily took 3 baby lips for myself and one EOS lipbalm . Thank you! hahaha (evil laugh)

I just can't get enough with one lipstick. 

lipstick from left: wet and wild in think pink, dollpink, maybelline nude lust, NYC , Maybelline lip polish, maybelline color whisper and rimmel kate moss in 106. 

Maybelline mascaras.

Big Eye: Has two / dual brushes. one is for upper lashes and another is specially made for lower lashes as the brush design is smaller than another. 
Great lashes mascara: The evergreen mascara from Maybelline. I just feel that I need to try this mascara! (the real reason is I liked the pink packaging) .

Nothing much to say, I just picked up few items that doesn't hit into Malaysia except for the Dr Feel Good Balm which is RM 50 in Malaysia (mini size) but I got it around 8 -9USD .

Anatasia Dipbrow is my current obsession. It is a form of gel eyebrow cream and a new product released from Anatasia.  I will do full review on this product. 

Kat Van D Lock it tattoo foundation. I'm in shade Medium 52 . 
This foundation has high coverage and truly hides any blemishes, red spots and any single marks.One tiny pea size of this foundation could covers up everything on face. I will do a full review on this product too. 

I chose #16 because the color is so me. Coral orangy color suits me the best. Since this lipstick going to be my most expensive lipstick, therefore I picked the color that I would use daily. 

Well, I know We do have MAC in Malaysia but I prefer to shop there and enjoy the services given to me. They are very helpful, friendly and never look down towards the customers compared to Malaysia Mac staffs. I'm telling the truth because a day after I reached Malaysia, I went straightly to Mac counter to see more on Mac eyeshadow swatches and I found out that they are not warm and good in consulting people. Not only that,  by the end of our conversation she said: "oh, you just come to see? you don't want to take any of the eyeshadow? "    . Huh. Oh boy!  I was so speechless and just threw a bitter smile to her. 

Lipstick purchased is "please me", a warm rose pink color lipstick that suits all skin tone. 

From left: All that glitters, soft brown, expensive pink, sable & satin taupe.

Okay gorgeous, we are here at the end of the story. 
Hope you enjoyed seeing and reading my New York Beauty Haul. I'm sorry if my post is not interesting enough cause I don't really know what to say for this entry. haha. Shopped too much until brainless. LOL! p/s: I realised that I have short words and more pictures. I'm sorry. my brains just stopped functioning ;( 

Have you seen my New York photos? 
If not, you are welcome to see my photos on instagram and remember to follow me. Thank you! 
Love ya! 

Wiida Ribbon


  1. Love your haul Wiida! Drooling over everything you bought right now. :D

  2. bestnya wiida.. suka tengok haul ni..

  3. The YSL lipstick looks so beautiful!!

    1. Ya! until i feel so guilty to use it. hehe

  4. about the staff at MAC Malaysia soo TRUE!!
    only layan dedatin datinsss..WORST SERVICE! hahahaa..

    btw, I love your YSL Lipstick..pika masih mencari lipstick warna orange yang cecantik ni..suggest me one please! hehee..

    1. YSL lipstick mmg best. licin and moisturising. pika suka orange eh? tp kan pika sesuai gile kalau kai MAC candy yum yum. serious! try la! mesti lawa. kalau orange, nnt wiida pikir apa yg best. hehehe. tgh cri true orange gak. MAC sounds like noisetu Limited edition tp mesti sesuai ngn pika. Pika kai lipstick bold mesti lawa.

  5. Replies
    1. wow! kak asyik jgn la tergoda. jeng jeng jeng. beli la beli la beli la! hahaha

  6. Ala Tarte ada packaging baru ke? nnti x synchronize ngan blusher yg sab ada sekarang bila nk collect. nnti kat vanity nmpak xcantik. haha. ok ini gila.

    1. aah! tarte ada new packaging! if im not mistaken, there's 3 new colors. i amek the brightest color. haha. lawa sangat! LOVE sangat~nama pun LOVE.

  7. Replies
    1. Thank you! me too! haha i keep staring ,playing and swatch-ing with the items I bought :P hahaha.

  8. Love your haul! <3 btw yg pasal MAC staff tu mmg betul, I banned the one in Setia City Mall. Tak friendly langsung!!

  9. AWESOME haul! Jeles ah! Hahaha. Teringin nak try Maybelline Color Tattoo Pomegranate, Maybelline Great Lashes, Maybelline Big Eye, Tarte Clay blush & YSL lipstick. :)

  10. Anastasia and Kat Von D stuffs are in my wishlist Q.Q


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