Sunday, 2 February 2014

Too Cool For School DINOPLATZ pearl bay invasion highlighter/luminizer review

This luminizer is available in 2 shades; mother pearl and baby pink dam. Mine is in baby pink dam which is can be described as champagne pink with golden glow. 

How to use it:
1) Mix with daily foundation so it would gives dewy finish to the skin.
2) Apply at certain places; cheekbones, nose bones, brow bones and others to give extra dimension, glowing and get a pleasant dewy look. 

It is cream-based product, has Light  texture (weight-less) and at the same time  it's doesn't feels sticky. 
The best part is, the product doesn't makes pores visible. Some highlighter or luminizer would makes pores look more obvious and visible but not with this buddy. 

After testing it out in few days, I found out that it would last longer if we put powder on top of it. The longest it could stays on the skin would be 4 to 5 hours. 

Since I don't have the real bottle therefore I can't give any words on the packaging. Sorry babes! But the design on the sachet is so cute! Dinoplatz line has great simple "dinosour world" makeup design, not too manly, not too feminine, more into cute art. 

When the luminizer applied on the skin, it would gives natural glowing and doesn't make skin looks too glittery or shimmer. It just gives fine shine and it is great for daily basis of highlighter. 

I don't know why the highighter doesn't shown up in the picture. Hurgh! 

There's two ways to use it.
1) By mixing this luminizer with current foundation to create glowing face complexion
2) Apply it on cheekbones, nose bone, brow bone to highlight and gives extra dimension to the face. It creates 3D effects along with high -look nose bone. That is what I normally do in my daily makeup especially for night-makeup, I would use this cream as a base and top it with "Bobbi Brown 24 Karat brick powder". That is another awesome highlighter! If you have the money, go splurge on it. It's totally worth every ringgits you spent. 

My personal Rate: 3 over 5

Want to try this sample?
Just comment your email at the comment section below and its open to all including anonymous! Just throw any words in the comment section, I want to read, positive and negative comments are welcome! 
One sachet could lasts you forever! unless if you store it wrongly. Keep it in a closed jar to avoid it dries up. 

Where to get it?
Too Cool For School, Jalan Telawi Bangsar
One row with Cziplee bookstore and dipndip .

Stay tuned for more exciting reviews and other samples for my readers!

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  1. Dah nama perempuan,first mestilah packaging comel tu. Walaupon dino,mcm akak kata cute art. And akak comel la dalam gambar

  2. Menarik! Luminizer ni mungkin akan nampak dalam cahaya atau waktu malam kot. Packaging comel tapi lebih suka kalau dalam pot. Hehe.

    Email :

  3. Too cool for school. Maybe just cool for university? Hahaha . Btw nak try nak try !

  4. interesting :o

  5. Awesomeeeeee ! Wajib try ni :D

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  7. can I :( please ..

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