Wednesday, 5 February 2014

January 2014 favorites!

I know I'm late to post this out and it should be posted up on beginning of February or by ends of January, however, I really wanted to share my top picks in this month which is only 4 beauty favorites and one single non beauty favorite; it's a food.

MAC coral bliss is my first purchased product from MAC and after I tried it out, I'm kind of obsessed with the texture, smell and the packaging itself. I know I'm weirdo but smell is kind of important for me because when I put something any part on my face, I could smell it, so if it smells horrible I might not use the product and put it away. 

I'm not good in describing color but what I can say, it is corally pink which is a combination of coral with sweet pink. It just brighten the lips but at the same time, it keeps the lips look natural. 

If you ask me to choose either this color with other pink shades or maybe nudes, I would say, this color matches me perfectly! If I wear nudes, I'm gonna look like a zombie. If I applied light pink lipstick shades, I would look look weird. It doesn't looks natural on me. :P hahaha. My own conclusion: I'm a coral girl. 

Revlon Matte balm, everyone keeps talking about this. It just hits Malaysia in a month time and almost everyone keeps saying it is good , gives matte finish but at the same time it moisturised the lips. It is also highly raved amongst youtube gurus and I must admit it, this is a good product.It gives full coverage, intense color and great finish on the lips without drying the lips. However, I know when I say "however" it must be something negative. I don't like the smell. It has minty smell like normal Revlon Balm do and still I don't like the smell. Every time I applied this balm, I will keep my breath for awhile so that I won't smell it. haha. I know I sound funny. But the pigmentation is tip top.

Look at the color, very intense and you can get full color with only one swipe. 

L'oreal Infaillible has entered to Malaysia in awhile ago for the "limited edition colors all away from UK". It's UK edition not US, therefore the colors choices are not broad enough. I am not good in describing color but as you can see, it looks like taupe-y brown with micro gold shimmer in it. The color and pigmentation is so pretty and when I use it, there no fall-out, everything stay in placed. 

I got mine in complementary piece from ONLY BEAUTY sale, Thank you so much! Go check the website and facebook page, they always do awesome clearance sale and attractive samples and gifts for the members! Go join the membership, it's FREE!

Crabtree & Evelyn is my favorite hand cream even some peolpe doesn't like it but it will be my forever favorite. It may costs expensive in Malaysia Ringgits anyow it is totally a worth splurge! One tube of 100 ml lasts forever. Even the pocket size 10ml tube I need 3 to 4 months to finish it. We just need a tiny pea size of it because the texture is very thick and it absorbs very fast into the skin as well as moisturising the hands without giving greasy feeling.
Lily is my favorite scent among the all but still , there are few scents that I liked.

Finally, a single non-beauty favorite! I'm kinda obsessed with this chocolate piece! Tim Tam, I know it tastes very sweet  and not everyone likes it. But I always eat it piece by piece in interval time, not at one time. It's my addiction, I will look for it in every hour and each hour I will eat it per piece.Need to drink a lot of water after eating this.  


  1. Coral lip color really look good on you Wiida!

  2. Wiida, Revlon Matte Balm tu how much ek? Nice colour btw and akak rasa, orang kulit mendung berarak macam akak tak sesuai for coral colour. hehehe. agaknya lah kan. Tak pernah try.

    Wiida pakai apa pun comel :)

  3. you really are a coral girl, you look pretty in it ^_^ i love Crabtree & Evelyn punya hand cream too, they're the best! Mine is Somerset Meadow, dah nak habis >.< Got the same Infallible eyeshadow from Only Beauty sale too, memang cantik!

  4. revlon blam stain code 015 kena ngan onie,oh....dah jumpa warna yang sesuai utk lips...kihkih

  5. hi wiida.. suka baca blog awak.. erm, boleh tak you buat satu entri ni about your makeup collection..?teringin la nak tengok.. huhu

  6. Revlon Colorburst Matte Balm best! Semua warna cantik. Macam nak borong semua. Haha. L'oreal Infaillible dan Crabtree & Evelyn pun best. :)

  7. Datang menyinggah dari blog pinky momma..

    waahhh.. betol lah pinky momma kata muka macam Nora Danish...! Cute! :)

  8. Hi Wiida.. Coral really does suit you very well. I haven't seen the L'Oreal Infallible shadows around yet but when I do, I will definitely get one. Thanks for sharing your January faves.. ^^

  9. Hi Wiida.. Coral really does suit you very well. I haven't seen the L'Oreal Infallible shadows around yet but when I do, I will definitely get one. Thanks for sharing your January faves.. ^^


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