Monday 10 February 2014

SEPHORA Jumbo eye pencil review

Let's talk about Jumbo Eyeliner. I'm a big fan of this Jumbo eye pencil! yes! this fellow is from Sephora. I know it's not popular like NYX Jumbo eye pencil but still it's my favorite. If you are asking me either one, I will choose Sephora Jumbo eyeliner as my ultmate choice!  

Creamy and glides smoothly and buttery on the skin without giving heavy feeling to it.
Once applied it would sets very fast with in few seconds. So, we need to blend it straight away before the color fixed and set. 

I don't really like the packaging! I need to be honest with this. I have lost the caps for many times, it always separating off from the body and due to that, the pencil made a horror mess in my makeup bag! Horrible packaging, I wish they come out with a "lock" pencil packaging like Revlon pencil balm packaging. Seriously, I feel like throwing it out because I really sick of losing the caps for hundred times! before this I did bring this product into my makeup bag but now, no more! I won't ever ever include this pencil into my makeup bag anymore. These three pencils are now safely sitting in my vanity with other eyeliners.

I believe there is almost 10 colors on Sephora shelf in Malaysia. I chose these three colors because they are in natural shades which is high probably I will reach them the most compared to colorful pencils. Anyhow, I would love to collect most of their vibrant fun colors since they are highly pigmented and set on the lids very fast. The pigmentation is superb, can't ask for more, it is enough , a strong intense color for a jumbo eye pencil. 

Following is a video showing a smudge-proof test

Overall, I really loved this Jumbo eye pencil because of the "smudge and water proof" concept and since I have oily eyelids, this works heavenly  good on me especially when I faced hot heat weather in Malaysia. Of course everything on the face going to melt. haha

I had gone through an experience with this lil girl when I used it from morning , 9 am until 12 am (almost 15 hours) , the color was remain there even after 15 hours! Surprisingly, for the whole day I was sweating heavily (due to events trainee work as well as wall climbing activity after the events ends). The color was there but after 10 hours it started creasing. Nevertheless, it still looks pretty on eyes even after 15 hours wearing it on. Cool product even I didn't put any eyeshadow powder on top of it, it's still be a hero.

Since then, I'm amazed with this Jumbo pencil formula and started collecting it slowly from copper to beige and finally brown. Will I purchase more colors from this line? Definitely YES

It works as;
eyeshadow primer
inner corner highlighting
lower lashes/ waterline liner
highlighter on cheekbones, brow bone, nose bone and etc

Honest from my heart, I would recommend this Jumbo eye pencil to all including YOU! Go try it yourself, I know it's going to be your favorite too!

Available at SEPHORA MALAYSIA (Paradigm Mall Selangor, KLCC, StarHill KL, Sunway Pyramid Selangor, Paragon Penang)

Price: RM 36/ RM 39

All opinions are mine, not a sponsored post! sorry for the grammars, half way sentences, spellings &etc, I blogged this post within 15-25 minutes (2 hours before going to KLIA), therefore no double read and double check  for this post. I know this is not a good thing to do, but I will improve myself and throw this bad habit away! . I just feel like I NEED TO SHARE THIS AMAZING PRODUCT with you guys! Again, I'm truly sorry. what a bad attitude. ;( 


Fired it away!! but mind your words! <3 Please be gentle to each other, girls.

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