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Maybelline Hypersharp Laser Eyeliner Review | NEW COLLECTION

Hello~ today I am so excited because I am gonna review a product from Maybelline. Daa~ Of course I need to review this product. My face is on the brochure ok? It is everywhere!! (perasan jap). haha. It is only in Malaysia, I'm not trying to brag about it. Hek hek. (senyum kambing).But still la just wanted to review this product while it is new in the market.  What else are you expecting? It is Hyprsharp Laser Liner, which is the newest product from Maybelline.The first finest tip Liquid eyeliner in the market.

Love and Hate relationship.
Okay, coming back to the main topic. Maybelline Hypersharp Laser Eyeliner. How amazing is this product? What's the difference between this Hypersharp laser and the original Hypersharp liner?

The huge difference is THE PRECISION, SIZE OF THE TIP!

The new Hypersharp Laser liner has three shades ; brown, black and soft black while the original version has only one single color, Black.
By using this hypersharp laser, you can draw very thin line as the tip is very fine and easy to control. 


I don't want to say much on the packaging, as you can see it has very elegant black background color with metallic font. The shape is slim and light so it is easy to bring for travelling. Not only that, the cap attach tightly so that it won't make a big mess in your makeup bag.

Easy to control.
You can draw very precisely and it is also easy to control, so you can draw your desire thickness line. Sometimes we feel we want very natural and thin line, therefore you skip putting eyeliner because you know, you gonna draw it thick, then when it's not balance and it becomes thicker and even heavier. everything went messy. you just don't want to waste your time drawing a perfect eyeliner and skip this step.. However, this Hypersharp laser liner would saves a lot of your time. Seriously, no kidding. 

So far it is my holy grail eyeliner . I have been using them alternately of each color.


Black- I'm using this eyeliner to do my normal cat eye liner.

Soft Black - I know the color is very soft and not bold. I've noticed that Asian doesn't like soft black and will prefer very black bold eyeliner since the black eyeliner would makes your eyes look bigger. Faded black eyeliner is not popular among us because we don't really like natural eyes and some of us just do not know how to fully utilized it.  Therefore, there is another alternative way to use this eyeliner. I normally use this eyeliner to create illusion of voluminous lower lashes. To make the lower lashes look thicker and longer which is in a way to make the eyes look bigger and dolly look. Be creative while using this eyeliner, because it can be used in multiple ways. It also can be used a very thin eyeliner , just enough to create larger eye illusion.

Brown- I really love to use this pen to draw innocent line.Ala , like korean eyeliner macam tu.. Not only that, this brown color eyeliner is great to use when you want to do "no makeup, makeup look". It creates subtle and soft natural eye look without over empowering it. If we use black, it is too bold . So, brown is the best color to create natural eye look. Plus, it is not easy to find "true brown" eyeliner in the market. Most of brown eyeliner has "glitter" in it or the color is too dark.


The formula of this eyeliner is works the same with the original one. It lasts one whole day on place if you did not rubbing your eyes. Moreover, it doesn't irritates the eyes. It sets immediately after applied.
Even though it is sweat and smudge-proof but it is not a waterproof eyeliner. It would dissolve into water but it won't leave smudge-y panda eyes.

The eyeliner is definitely not water-proof eyeliner yet it is smudge proof proven. 
This eyeliner is perfect for beginners and also professional. 

Where to buy:  Watsons / Guardian / any local pharmacies that have Maybelline rack.
Price: RM 35 + / each

Thank you for reading. :)



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