Monday, 23 February 2015

2015 My favorite SPA Beauty Products

My time has shifted. 
I have other commitment rather than blogging, makeup job, online site business and regular works. Even due to busy working life,  I still have my own sweet time in pampering my physical body. 

2015 gives a huge impact to me, mega changes. My beauty spa has changed. Trying to maximize my usage and practically use everything I have in my bathroom.  That comes the idea, to share what I have been loving and using starting January 2015 til now. 

I does my makeup on daily regular basis. 
By hook or by crook, by end of the day I need to remove my makeup. 

Here you go, my two makeup wipe favorites; SIMPLE and BIORE. 

In term of heavy makeup removal, I normally use Simple cleansing wipe for my entire face skin and Biore makeup wipes for my eye makeup specially waterproof makeup.
Speaking of Biore wipes, it is great in eye makeup removal yet some people with sensitive eyes just can't stand with it. Please take note on this matter.

In other hand, Simple makeup wipes also can remove eye makeup yet need to wipe gently as the tissue surface is quite coarse and it may hurt the delicate area.

Both work great in removing makeup and price wise,  they are almost the similar.

Bioderma cleansing water is my favorite makeup removal among all. Fairly remove light makeup effectively without burning the eyes and etc. It may costs bank pain, but WORTH every ringgits. I got it from France trip with very affordable price. 

Where to get it in MALAYSIA? Bioderma is available at selected Guardian pharmacies. 

Many thanks to Shaza Amalina (my bff) for introducing this awesome and affordable cotton pad. Previously I used normal facial cotton pad from Guardian / Watsons . After been introduced into this Daiso Cotton Pad, it is now my ultimate favorite and it would be my forever cotton pad. I love it's texture, can't really describe it but I would like to recommend you guys to get it and try it yourself.

If you are familiar with Sephora cotton pad, well, I could say it is ALMOST similar to Sephora cotton pad but it's in square shape.

2 boxes for RM 5.

Everyone keep asking me, what are you using for your facial wash?
Really? wanna know my honest answer?

1) I normally use Clean and clear facial wash.
2) if it's empty, I will normally use whatever I have in the bathroom. Free facial wash or anything.
3) emptied facial wash I've used: Nano White, Clean and Clear, Alaisyah, Garnier, Eau Thermale and many more, other brands that I can't really recall.

Currently I've been using Alaisyah facial foam for the past months. The reason why I used this facial is because of my parents, they bought it extra and ya, it's me, their princess who loves to use all of their stuffs. haha. Don't really call it as "stealing" but in a proper terminology, it's called BORROW, use and own. haha. Only applicable among family.

Price: ~ RM 10.

Polish your face.
Sounds a bit offensive but it's true. After using it, my skin feels softer and smoother. It removes all the dirt from deep inside the  pores. It has minty burning effect but after few minutes , it faded away.

How to use: apply it on the face as face mask . Leave it about 5 min, then scrub it for couple of minutes and rinse it off.

Use Biore Pack to remove blackheads. Only applicable when my blackheads are empowered my nose. Normally I will use toothpaste and squeeze the blackheads out by my own. hahaha! Exception for blackhead berpasukan, then only I need to use this Biore nose strip.

For these two items I usually use them on weekend ONLY.

Toner and moisturiser are important.

Currently I am using these two items, Garnier and Nano White toner for my daily skin care regime. Nothing much to say but this Garnier moisturiser has floral scent into it and it doesn't make my skin feels sticky or greasy.

On daily basis, I don't really "rajin" to keep using these two items. 

Kalau moisturiser and toner, yaaa. I always use these two products but serum and miracle essence are the only ones that I normally use 3-4 times in a week ONLY! 

Not saying they are not crucial but, I am just a type of person that don't really have discipline in applying skincare. 

Precisely saying, I am LAZY, tapi sebenarnya, these two products are the most important element in skin care regime.

Both are my favorites, love these two combination, make my skin look healthier and glowy.

Mask is my favorite.

I always use face mask sheet and clay alternately.

The function of clay mask is to repair my skin and gives healthier glowy skin whilst the sheet mask makes my skin moisturised and supple.

all the masks shown are highly recommended!

Searching for the best cooling, soothing under eye mask?
Try this out!
I have roughly 6 packs in my drawer and each pack has 3 pairs of eyemask.

SASA- RM 10 for 3 or 4 packets.

This is my first time heard of MATRIX BIOLAGE. 
Do you know about it?
Have you heard of this brand?

I've seen it at HAIR DEPOT store and never thought of giving it a try. 
Received this bottle from Butterfly Christmas gift box and guess what? I'm loving it. 
It doesn't dries out my hair, cleanse my scalp perfectly and soften my fuzzy hair with a bonus of decent scent. Thumbs up! 

The Herbal essence hair mask complements the shampoo with high density of moisture. Thanks to Syafiqah XoXo for giving me this awesome hair mask, and now I can walk like a true diva, :P 

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  1. oka wiida i wanna high 5 you boleh tak? since working ni memang priorities dah beralih, tak dapat nak menghadap blog selalu. can i make a blog post like this? been dying to share about my current skincare regime tapi takde idea cemana. i really love this post babe, and i miss you!

    1. I MISS YOU TOOOOOOOOOOOOO! kan? really need three-day off in a week. haha. I wish weekend ada 3 days! or 4 days. hahaha

    2. i'm in a siput-pace of process in making my 2015 skincare post, i hope it can be done within this week. Sekarang baru tau penatnya kerja and study dalam satu masa XD


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