Friday, 1 February 2013

FreshLook Contact Lens in Pure Hazel

Short opinion from me:

I love the color-look natural on normal dark brown eyes, the texture is soft, the diameter (14.2mm) and everything. Its so comfortable to wear for the whole day. 
The lens make my eyes look shiny in addition making my eyes look innocent and healthier I guess? hahaha.

Thank you and have a nice weekend babes! 


  1. the lens looks so lovely <3

    1. Thank you dear <3 I love the lens so much. Will be my february all time favourite. hahah.

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  2. very nice.. u sangat cute.. i like ~~~ :)

    1. thank u, u pun sgt talented with drawing.

  3. Looks so cute! And so natural :)


  4. ai....comel la awak ni.........

  5. They look good on you and more natural than some of the colored contact lenses I've seen people wearing. They are a good match for you and you cold actually take that look from morning to nighttime.

    Not everyone wants to wear colored contacts. People enjoy the look of their eyes and they are one of my their features. Some also don't want to feel anything that close to their eyes 24-7. However lenses that are easy to wear kind of solve that last problem for people who want to change up their look on occasion but prefer a lightweight lens. Thanks for sharing your experience.

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