Thursday, 31 January 2013

NYX Powder Blush Swatches and Review in Cinnamon and Pinched

 Basically I only have 2 powder blush from NYX and I'm satisfied enough with them. ^_^
Really, If you want a good quality blush in lower price, you can try them :)
Both of them I bought from online shops and cost me around RM 24- RM 26.
Let me share the online shop links below:

  1. SharonChin
  2. ColourscosmeticsMalaysia
  3. Slammintipsntoes
  4. Finally22

 Honestly, to own NYX blushers are really making me feel "happy", "fulfilled", grateful enough because I never have a good blusher before. Just FYI, Nyx blushes are my very first blushers because before this I only use Elianto Puff-powder blush.

Pinched is my favourite color! The color is not too pink, not too orangey and not too brownish. Its more to peachy color with golden shimmer in it. highly recommend this to you girls!!!!! If you are planning to get one, I advise you to try this on your cheek. This is a very wearable color , suit to work, class, even casual. Its like, every-day blush and you'll never get bored of this.  ^_^

However, Cinnamon is more to orangey color. If I compared this color to benefit Coralista, it's more orange!  Nice orange color on cheek and this is also my favourite color. Normally I will apply this color whenever I feel I want orangy cheeks effect.:)


You can see how addicted I am in with this color. I used it so much until it turned up like this.

Swatches under the sunlight
sorry, I dont know why the camera didnt catch the shimmery particles. It was sooo beautiful on my arm. :(
Swatches under indoor light

Swatches under the sunlight
Pretty orange blush :)
Ala2 korean gitu. If you guys notice, korean love to apply orange cheeks and lips. Especially in summer time. but in Malaysia, there's no summer but we have all-time high humidity weather  and sunny. So, almost similar to summer I guess, but higher temperature. hahah 

Swatches under indoor light

Overall, I really like this products and what can I say is, GOOD JOB NYX. :)
The blusher is really long-lasting as it can stand for 5 to 6 hours. Make sure you use the right technique to make the blush stay. The technique is: After apply foundation, you may apply blush on your cheek. After that, set your face by using translucent powder or loose powder even compact powder also CAN LA. hehehe. Make sure u do and practise this technique with all of your blushers.  

I hope there will be more new wearable colors and if you have blushers collection from NYX, please do a post about it and do tell me ok? I will pay a visit :)

Okay, I guess, that's all about my NYX stuffs this time.
Hope this post can help you in decision-making. I know people will normally"google" reviews and swatches before buying. hahah. So do I. haha
Good Luck! and have a nice day

Thank you for reading.

Mwah Mwah; 
Wiida Mignonne


  1. ah the cinnamon blush look sooo good >-<
    I think I'm gonna get one too, thank you for the review~
    you have a nice blog :D


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