Sunday, 6 January 2013

Centro Mall L'oreal Sale and SACC Pet fair Shopping haul

Hello pretties,

Remember my previous post? I dare myself to spend a limit of RM 50 in L'oreal Sales AND I did managed to follow my budget shopping. Yahooo! Alhamdullilah (Actually I really forgot that I need to spend below RM 50, luckily I just draw out few bucks not more than RM 100)

This time, the sale is almost similar as the previous one, family friends big sale. The same thing but added some new items, more eye products,L'oreal true match blushers, Maybelline eye gel liner, mascaras and etc.
But I only took few lipbalms and hair care products. (You know, I'm still in body care blue mood) huhu..

My baby lips collection. I bought Mango Pie and Relieving Methol.
Each lipbalm cost me RM 5.
*The middle one is the only existing baby lips lipbalm that I have. But now, she has her new friends , Mango and Methol . Happy girls be together finally! 

My final shopping haul in the sale.
L'oreal total repair shampoo: RM 6
L'oreal total repair hair treatment: RM 15
L'oreal re-nutrition(travel pack): RM 7
Baby lips lipbalm : RM 10
green treatment lipbalm: Free because I filled up a form a week before the event.
Total of my flying money was: RM 38
*claps.. give a great big hand to Wiida .. wink wink wink


 This evening my cousin and I went to SACC Mall for a Pet show competition.(we didn't join it but just have a look for any pet food promotion &etc) 
 I'm one of pet lovers/ crazy cat lovers/ really mad on cats/ really cannot live without hugging them. Oh My! Really love cats! Even If I don't have one, I will go to my cousin's house just to hug cats. haha. Now you know how crazy am I with cats.

That pink body scrub tool and Iams I got them for free after filled up their survey forms/ like their facebook page. ^_^ happy nye got free items!!

This shampoo has extremely strength and super nice smell that I really love it. This scent called Paris Hilton (oh dear, nowadays cat shampoo also have glamour names)
Price: Rm 13.90

Tiny colorful ball.
Price: RM 1 

IAMS Free Trial pack.

Collars cat 
Price: RM 5 /each. 

this lil pink bunny scrub sponge is really adorable. Got it for Free.

*I also bought a supplement for them which is only RM 9 for 100 pills and a food bowl, RM 5. 
Sorry, I didn't take pictures on them due to over-excited problem . ish ish. even my cats are more excited than me. 

Total spent on pet shopping was: RM 48.90 huhu. I really can't hold myself on pet shopping especially when I see cute things!! To my future husband, please put aside "pets shopping money" for me.Thank you. heheh. (eeeeee Wiida tak tahu malu mintak2 duit kat future hubby) :P 

Okay, That's all my shopping haul for these two days. 
Olala! you guys must be wonder, how many cats do I have right?

I got 8 years old cat named Tommy and he WAS my only bestfriend but not now anymore.
We declared war after he cheated on me. :( 
He has new girlfriend and left me behind. he never care bout me anymore. 
want to know who is his new girlfriend? 
His new girlfriend is...................


I can't have fight with my mom or else I couldn't eat for years~~! So, I declared war with Tommy since last week right after I know he cheated on me. hahaha.

He conquered my dad's place.. 

Can't really give any comment on him. 

But it's okay.. "Calm down Wiida. 
I'm fine because I got another 4 new besties. hehe. Tommy, u think only you can cheat on me? I can do the same thing ok? Lalalala. hahha. 

They just celebrated their one year birthday on last December.  :) 
p/s: I guess the collars going to be their birthday presents. hehe.

The reason why I called them Lil' Monsters because they may look cute and small but they are intensely aggressive creatures, destroyers, naughty and really talented in acting! 

I call her Gegirl. her full name is espresso. She likes "gegirl" more than her real name.
(my gossip girl)

 His real name is Opi , same pattern as gegirl but his stripes are sharper and darker. Opi, full name is kopi.
*kopi = coffee

Polka is abang kawasan. Oh, he always taking care of my yard. U need to pass by his security check before see me. P/s: His name taken from a drink brand.
*abang kawasan: mafia of the place. 

Milky oh Milky. His blue eyes draw people's attention and he looks damn innocent plus childish. 
Recently, he just got "the prettiest cat" in my house resident area as his first love. 
 seriously, I couldn't believe it! my silly Milky has a pretty girlfriend? How could it be? >.<

Hope you enjoy reading my simple shopping haul and cats photos.
Take Care and Goodnight.

Mwah mwah; 


Fired it away!! but mind your words! <3 Please be gentle to each other, girls.

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