Sunday, 20 January 2013

Hershey's Milk Duds Lipbalm Review

Happy Sunday Girls!
Basically I've been using this lipbalm since last year November and I decided to do a review on it :)
Honestly this lipbalm is soooo tempting, yummy, heavenly chocolicious, delicious, appetizing and whoever love chocolate you may consider this lipbalm
The smell of this lipbalm is exactly the same as the real chocolate. 
Once you apply it on your lips, its gonna taste chocolate! If you are in diet, This is good for you. haha. 
Ever you have this feeling>> You want to eat chocolate but you feel guilty? 
If YES, haha. this chocolate lipbalm is really for you. whisper: your destiny. 

This is the packaging of the lipbalm. 
Small square lipbalm. It is so cute and easy to carry around!

You twist that thing, the lipbalm product will come out. 

swatch of the lipbalm color. Chocolate/ brown.
If you are a fan of brown lipstick, this is good for you.

Looks like the real chocolate. Ya Allah, bau dia memang awesome! kalau la ni chocolate kan best. terus ngap! (The smell is super awesome!! If this is the real chocolate I'll straightly eat! )

Okay, lets heading to my personal review on this product;

Personal Opinions;

 Chocolate taste
Use it depends on my mood. sometimes when we feel bored, we need something fun to do/flavour for our lips
 easy to carry/ mini/ cute 
 Unique and different
 High quality chocolate taste. There's no funny smell
Nice packaging/ cute! 

 Hard to get/ to find this lipbalm
 Not too moisturising. 
 Give dark brown color which is not my lips color. I prefer sweet pink or glossy effects. 
Whenever I put it on my lips, I would lick it. haha. It wont stay longer than 5 minutes on my lips.I can't stand with chocolate. Too delicious to apply and let it stay on lips, better I lick it or eat it. huhu.

Where can I get this lipbalm?
For Malaysian you can get it from this website

I guess that is all my simple short review on Hershey's Milk Duds Lipbalm. 
If you have one, share your thoughts with me. <3 
Thank you and have a great Sunday girls!

Mwah Mwah;


  1. I hope I can get this lipbalm in my country. :(
    I guess u're a chocolate lover.. ^^
    im following you.. it would be nice if you can follow my blog too.. thanks :)

    1. Yes, sure! :) nice to see you. keep in touch ya> :)

  2. Is it weird that I actually got hungry reading this post??? haha, it's true! I did! ( - 3-)/
    But it sounds like such a really cute lipbalm! My friend has one like that, called Chocolate pudding! And since we're both food lovers, we just sit in class and just.. inhale it... That might be a bit weird. It's like a drug. A really delicious, chocolate pudding drug!!
    If I ever see this around, I think I might give it a try - or any other really delicious flavoured lip balms! ^^
    Too bad it comes off as brown though - I'm more in to pink, and plum on my lips! ^^

    1. Oh! And the camera I use is a Sony a35 (SLT-A35)! ^^

    2. And I tagged you in the Liebster Award! ^^

    3. Thank you. i like your pictures <3 All are in details and sharp too!


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