Sunday 27 January 2013

5g containers haul.

A. Short. Update. :)

I just received my 5g jars containers from sharon. Another trusted online shop to be introduced to all! :)

This girl is really friendly and she replies emails really fast!!
Her website offers variety of US drugstore makeup such as NYX products, wet&wild, elf, nail polish and many more! Just go to her website and see it yourself. Haha. I have no idea how to explain everything.
One thing that i like about her is, she gives few options for postage. My containers were sent through registered post which is only RM 3 :)
This is my second time purchased stuffs from her. So, I actually highly recommend her if you want something cheaper from NYX, elf and wet&wild. :)

Ok, thats all my short haul. Here are some pictures I took. Hope u feel the heat and please feel a bit jealous. Haha. These jars can be put cream samples, bring to travel, depot lipstick, pigments, broken eyeshadow and many more. :) cool woo. I need this because i wnt to put opened samples that i get from counters. :)

P/s: My laptop was send for repair hence i need to online through iphone in this temporary time. Thats the reason why my post is a bit weird( pictures at the bottom and instead of highlighting the link, i straightly mention full url website.).

Thank you for reading!
Mwah mwah;

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  1. Ooh, cute! I had to scavenger hunt for little containers, but these are much smaller and cuter!
    I'll be sure to check them out! ^w^


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