Thursday, 17 January 2013

Singapore Shopping Haul and Mails IN!!

Ya Allah!! Oh Mai God! 

I'm sooo happy!! Guess what? I just reached home this morning straightly from Singapore. It was an incredible trip with my girlfriend. At first I feel like it was a bit tiring trip, but then, we did enjoyed our own spa care, and had a big shopping day with her! hahah.

Okay, just talk straight towards to the shopping haul that I had in Singapore. In this post, I just could write about my haul as I forgot to take pictures on my friend's items. :( too bad, I was too tired and Can't think well.hahah .
Lets start the haul by beauty products that I managed to grab during these two short days trip. Basically I purposely bought items that not available in Malaysia and some of the items are really cheap there and I just couldn't look at them without buying! hahah.

Did you still remember my previous post about Lush products? I'm really excited and wanted to try Lush products since most in beauty videos give positive reviews on this brand especially they're handmade products. Fuh! ( I was like.. err I need to try it out! like now! like very soon! Can't wait for it). That's why I really want to go Singapore since Malaysia doesn't have Lush shop :( Kinda sad.

1) Lush Haul

This is hows the shop looks like. Somewhere in Wisma Atria, Jalan Orchard. 

I bought that Pink snow fairy shower gel just because of my friend. She used it in hotel room and the whole room smell this until the next day! Fuh Power gile.
It smells sweet bubblegum. yum yum I like sweet things

sweetie pie jelly bath soap- During hot weather, I want to use this in chill since it is jelly form (best nye jello sejuk on body time2 panas especially near by Chinese New Year ni )

 If you want to know extra information about this brand, do visit to their website

2) Random Beauty Haul

Dry Shampoo.
Price: $ 12.90 (full  size), . $ 3.90 (travel size)
Since in Malaysia there's no dry shampoo, so I grabbed these two to try on. If they're good, I will restock them in May because I will go for a study trip at France. ^_^ excited nak jalan2 and at the same time need to save some money. start saving!
$= Singapore Dollar

Heathcote & Ivory in Vintage Collection, Mimosa & Pomegrate flavour.
Super nice Handcream; creamy, smell nice and easily absorb to skin.
 Original price was $25.90. After discount: $22.40
Heatcote & Ivory Bath &body butter in mulberry & Green fig.
 Original price was $15.90. After discount: $9.90

Duo adhesive only at $12
Ardell lashes ~$8.50
Nars is very expensive in Singapore. it is $50 . huh. cekik darah woo.

3) Random Items bought
No brand Polka Dot top . Love this because its long sleeves

Mint Green Dress. I need this because it can cover up my back especially when I wear jegging/ legging/ skinny jeans that too tight and showing up my back. (Need to cover it, malu la) haha

Simple daily handbag. Love this because its light, easy to carry any where, roomy, and comfortable! 
its only $10

Lovisa accessories from Australia.

Original price: $ 32
Super Promo price: $4

Original price: $ 32
Super Promo price: $4

End of story for Singapore Shopping Haul. 

Meanwhile at home,  I got my two parcels arrived safely at home while I was in Singapore, hahaha.

My feeling = Happy + Extremely Happy + Can't describe the happiness anymore. 

Which one should I start first? hmmm...Well, what I know I spent too much in this month and I need to announce myself as Ms Broke. haha. Yup, I'm broke. hahahah (guilty laugh and at the same time "Happy" because I shop so much for myself. relieve stress and gain happiness even though broke) hehehe.

First Item is: Formula 10 YE from It's Skin and I bought this from Little Hanok, (the seller is really friendly and nice. orang baik-baik. hahahha). They're selling it at reasonable price and I'm planning to order another 2 bottles in future..hehehe.  We'll see how :) hahah. Tamak nye aku. hahahaha. ye la, seriously babes,the bottles look adorable, colorful and cute. who can stand from not collecting them all? haha. at least few different colors bottles. If you don't really know what I'm talking about, you can refer this post.   

Arrived in good condition as the packaging is quite secure. 
They did a good job by wrapped it with bubble wrap and at outside of the parcel, there's a note stated: FRAGILE!! GLASS INSIDE. PLEASE HANDLE IT WITH CARE.
Thumbs up!

Second Item: Peplum Dress By House Of Jazaba.
I forgot to take picture of it but then I decided to take some pictures from their website for your reference. It is exactly same as theirs. I choose light pink because I like pink and I never have a pink dress before. Hard to believe it right? huhu. Thats the truth .. haha

House of Jazaba

These two websites are trusted online shops.
So, what are you waiting for?  Go shopping there! Go! GO! browse their website and order some items from them. They're selling in honest way ( I become so careful in buying online boutiques because I was cheated once from a hijab shop. She has almost 20k likes and I think niw her facebook page is already freeze due to high number of report clicks) 
Well, learnt from experience and share with people. 
Allah Maha Adil, so to the rest sellers, jangan tipu2. :) 

That is all my simple shopping haul! Im really tired and can't type much. haha
p/s: I think these 2 flower bullets are cute. aren't they? hahah

Happy shopping girls.
Take Care!

mwah mwah ; 



  1. wow! you went to lush and nars! jelllyyy! just like the shower jelly... hehe....

    1. haha. next time we plan and go together ok? :) wink wink. saving saving. hehe

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  3. wewitt! finally Wiida dpt bli Lush :)

    1. :))))) senyum lebar. aah! dah dapat! best gile! wangi and rasa pampered. haha.
      Shu kena try jugak ni! rugi klau tak try. Bau dia semerbak! tak yah nak cuci toilet dah. hahah

  4. Makeup in singapore is really expensive. And it's crazy! Especially MUFE, $79 for a foundation.

    1. Ya.. But some of them are still okay.Duo glue is cheap because if in Malaysia they're RM 40++. huhu. Feel like want to buy more Lush products! haha. I had so much fun in Singapore!! Next time, if I go there, I need to go with u :) hehe.
      p/s: Lovisa is having great markdown. Is it normal? because the lady that served us said every Tuesday, new accessories will come in. I just can't believe it. pretty necklace just for $4? huhu.

    2. Honestly, I don't know anything about Lush until you mention it here. Haha. Again, I don't know anything about Lovisa accessories. Lol. I'm not a 'kaki merayap' person that's why I don't know anything about it. Since you said necklace for $4, WOW, I'm so going to that place! Haha. Oh yeah, whenever you're stopping by here, let me know. We can hang out ... hehe. :)

  5. aikk, dah balik dari Singapore ke? ingatkan lama lagi nak pegi. tak sempat nak kirim. uwaa.. pink snow fairy shower gel & dry shampoo tu sangat menggoda la. bestnya dah try LUSH. cantik mint green dress tu. sekarang minat mint green. nice je warnanya. wiida pun ada beli baju peplum? sama la kita. haha.. tapi saya punya belum siap lagi sebab join batch 3. nanti buat entri baju peplum tu. tak sabar nak tengok. hihi..:)

    1. Aah, the peplum tu I dah dapat. gorgeous! cuma my light pink in real life really pink. not too light as I hope (i wish it is pastel color). huhu. but in picture mmg nampak pastel.

      Lush mmg best! tp mahal :( mampu beli tu je la. klu tmbh lain2, mmg tak balik malaysia la. hahah.

    2. aww.. saya pilih royal blue. harap2 la royal blue seperti yg saya mau mcm dlm gambar tu. saya order di we luv peplum. kira adik-beradik dgn house of jazaba la tu. hihi..

      Lush memang mahal. lebih2 lagi di Singapore. sabun Lush dijual ikut gram ke?

  6. Ooh! I love all of the things you bought!! >w<
    What! That Lush store is absolutely gorgeous - it's so huge! The one where I live is small and cramped and tiny! ._.

    1. Oh, thank you. ya, I fall in love with Lush after bought their stuffs! really amazing in term of smells, long-last and cute! haha. Feel like biting myself. So sugary. yum yum. haha

  7. Yes, I already follow u. U hv such a great blog. (I used google translate and I read through your blog) <3

  8. Very nice haul c: I love
    Lush products! And you
    have some guts to snap
    a picture in their shop,
    I always get preached
    at :c oh boo.

    The mint bag is really

    1. Thank you dear!!! haha. I took that picture when they were busy handling other customers. hahaha. Luckily I didnt get caught or scold or else its gonna be embarrassing. *blushing. hahah

  9. bestnya Wiida dpt pegi lush. klu kt Malaysia ade kedai lush mesti lg mahal kan. tahun lepas sarah pergi Singapore x tau pn ade lush, padalah pergi jalan orchard tu. haha. lain kali kena explore dulu ape ada kt sana. dpt beli VS Mist je. Kosmetik pn x sempat nk tengok. ni bt x sabar nk pergi Singapore blik. hehe


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