Saturday 12 January 2013

It's Skin Formula 10 products Sneak Peek

Yesterday I was walked around Sunway and hoping to get any promotional products but then! I found a new shop called It's Skin. It looked so pretty with bright lighting and with colorful products. At first I thought the shop is selling masks products only yet I the salesgirl gave me a flyer attached by a sample of Formula 10 serum. WOW!

In my mind said; "why u give me only one packet of sample?! I need more than this to see the result!" hahahha. (I tried it immediately reached home and found out, the formula is really great/ moist on my skin/ and feel fresh!) 

In the shop. I was asking the salesgirl about the Formula 10 serums since they look so colorful in display. Hahah. If you know me, I really love colorful and bling bling stuffs! hahah.
The girl was explaining in a good way about them all and promoting their best product which is "Power 10 Formula YE Effector" (Brown bottle). *Best seller F10. i was impressed and last night I can't sleep because keep thinking of these stuffs. huhh~~!!! menyesal tak beli! 

I never know this kind of products and brand exist in Malaysia. (I just know their first shop is in Sg Wang KL and this Sunway outlet is their second branch) . Fuhhh. This brand is originally from Korea and you know Korean skin are really pretty, smooth and glowing. I want to be like them! hehe.* tak tau malu nak jadi macam korean. hahah.

So, these are the Formula 10 serums with colorful bottles and each of them has their own benefits and give an amazing result! 

They are also some reviews from other blogs for you guys to refer with. 

1) kimoko

Hope all these are helpful for you to decide which is one is good for you. 
I would like to try YE, PO and VC. :) 

Extra Info
Each of this cost around RM 42 to RM 46 (I can't remember the exact figure)
So girls, I hope this serums will be in your 2013 wishlist and happy trying!
I memang excited nak try!! heheh. Selamat Mencuba! 

Mwah Mwah; 


  1. interesting! Wiida try, wt review, nnt bru sy beli..hehe..

    1. Sure, I just bought from Little Hanok, facebook. nnt dah 2 -4 minggu I buat review. Nak tgk jugak my skin differences. heheheh

  2. hi... I pun guna this product.. WH effector.. berkesan.. :)
    oh ya, feel free to follow my blog.. thanks.. :)

    1. Followed you already and ya, Love this product so much. Currently I have 3 of them! hahah. Oh ya, I just bought WH effector and would do a review about it soon. Kalau kulit betul2 cerah la. hahaha

  3. thank you! do you know if you can use more than one bottle at a time? like drops of 2 bottles for different skin concerns?


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