Thursday, 3 January 2013

Singapore Shopping Haul!!

I just came back from Singapore and Johor last night. it was 2 days trip to Singapore and spent half a day at Johor Premium Outlet (JPO).
Honest words come from my heart, lungs and all organ family, I feel extremely happy, overjoyed, blissful and ended up crazy. Seriously, I was planning to only get a perfume for myself but ended up buying bag, a pair of unbranded sandals, perfume and some body care from Bodyshop. ^_^

Next time, I need to go there with my friends and bring a lot of cash $$$ because I really wanted to buy LUSH products and try out some cause I heard that they are handmade soaps and natural which is safe to use. If u have any review on this product, do leave a comment below. I will visit your blog. 

Okay, represent you my first shopping haul items of 2013!! ^_^
Just to give you rough idea on Singapore shopping. You can plan a budget trip with your friends. I will and I need to! I really wanted to go there again just to buy some Lush products and walk around there (nak khatam Singapore area/discover their place of interests. mcm best. easy to travel especially with MRT.)

Left is mine and right one is for my lil sister, Ain.

I like this color, kinda sweet with pastel colors combination of pink , blue, yellow and cream.

I like this color because it is darker than the earlier one and for some reasons I feel this one is nicer when I put it on and not easy to get dirt. 

Bucket style

PVC leather. Really exclusive compared to other bag packs.

The shop name is Bag Lady

See the rope, there's no extra irritate rope. 


Bought it in Bugis area. I don't know what does the place called. It looks like a night market to me. 
The place is quite crowded and full of people , it reminds me of Sg Wang area. u
clothes and stuffs there are affordable and inexpensive (depends on what items you pick for)

Then, at the same place I bought other 2 items which are

I know the design is quite weird. New York tour in Paris? haha. Funny but I like the design. 
3 bags for $ 10. A great deal to buy for your friends. 
Other 2 bags are for my sister and my friend who love mustache so much. :) 

Zip to secure your items 

Spacey! I can put all my books/ laptop charger or anything that relevant to studies/ college since next semester will be my final semester and I need to submit my final dissertation paper. 

Last but not least , sandals that cost me $10 equivalent to RM 25. super awesome sandals cause they are really heavenly comfortable. I cannot post it here since I worn them right after purchased. Sorry no picture but they are really worth to buy. 
OMG! I'm really gay! gay gay gay!!!

On the next day, my parents decided to go home KL because they were tired and can't really walk around because of age factor. hehe. They were exhausted after a long walk on the night before.
Oh ya, the reason why we went to Singapore because my brother just moved there and we carried all of his stuffs. He went to Singapore by train and bus so he cannot move all his items by carrying
 them all. That's the reason why my parents decided to travel there just to move his stuffs. haha. 

On our way to KL, we stopped by Johor Premium Outlet (JPO), I went once before but this time with my family and I recommend them this place as Im really love this place so much. All items are really cheap eventhough they're selling older fashion stuffs. But still, the fashions are still in-time. 

My mom grabbed a Coach handbag since she got an offered price.
But for myself, my dad bought for me a perfume. hehe. He promised me to buy me one in Singapore but because of a limited time, he keeps his promise until in Johor. 
I bought Victoria secret perfume in Gorgeous. The retail price was RM 202 and I got it for RM 141 only, quite a good deal to grab.

 Then, we went to Bodyshop and bought few bodycare since they are in promotion of 50%. hehe. just for selected items yet all the promotion items are my love. 

okay, That's all my haul this time. 
Hope you got rough figure of cost to spend in Singapore and Johor. 
p/s: don't forget to go to Orchard road and Bugis Junction. 
So much of FUN! FUN! and FUN! 
Thank you for reading!

Mwah Mwah;


  1. bca sini Wiida..she love lush so much..

    1. Thank you dear. banyak nye Lush stuffs dia. err... kalau saya, oh sudah bankrup.. bestnye kalau ada bath tub mcm dia.

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you sayang. want to join Singapore trip? :) If u can get 3 days holiday.^_^

  3. Lush ada di JB ke? t'ingin nak try sabun untuk di rendam dalam tab mandi mcm bom bila kena air. hehe.. nice botol VS gorgeous tapi baunya tak sesuai dgn citarasa saya.

    1. VS bau dia sheer jasmine. kena pakai sikit2. Im still okay with it since I really love the bottle. haha. pump pump.

      Lush kat Singapore and Im going there soon. Nak pesan apa2? I boleh beli kan, tp pos laju u tanggung la. hehehe. Refer to kalau nak order :) I suke shopping kan barang untuk org. maklum la, kaki shopping :) hehe

    2. botolnya memang cantik terutama pump. haha.. boleh pesan ke? ini yg saya suka dengar. hihi. kalau wiida pegi Singapore lagi nanti bgtau yea.. manatau saya nak pesan. saya nak cuci mata dulu kat

    3. Okay, anything let me know ok? Wiida pi Singapore on Monday InsyaAllah. Balik Wednesday. Contact me at: 017-8785210 ( whatsapp/ msg)

  4. OMG I SO LOVE THE BAG! <333333 I already tried the body shop vanilla bath and shower gel, it's okay for me but I never buy it again and I don't know why lol x) :)

    NEW POST UP: Blog Updates, Life Updates and New year's resolutions/goals


    1. Love the vanilla scent but they are not that good. But still, can use depends on our mood. The bag is really "really" really "really" pretty and Its my Favourite!!! haha. glad I bought it. Or else, I'm gonna regret and cant sleep for my whole life~ -_-

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. hi wiida,

    the place is called bugis street!

  7. Lovely post - nice to read some posts from a malaysian beauty blogger - I am malaysian but live/born in the UK.
    This formulation of the hand intensive cream by body shop is so good - much better than the new formulation that has been released

    have a lovely day
    new follower


  8. Hi there
    Im planning to go for a trip to singapore and end of this mth. Wanted to get some perfumes but im x sure where shud I get it. Either orchard road or jpo is more worth it?? If its in orchard I shud exchange more money. so I need to decide before im going. Cud u pls gimme some advice? Thanks!


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