Saturday 5 January 2013

My night beauty care kits

Oh, I have 3 months holiday and started to pamper myself.

Refer to my previous posts: I got new perfume for new smell in this year, body lotion, scrubs, hand creams, bla bla bla. ( really in body beauty mood)
Hehe. -new mood to smell nice/ get nice silky skin/ fair/ exafoliate skin to be a new person maybe? Especially now is beginning of the year! Yehoo!

So, here some pictures to show how I organize my night beauty emergency kit in a clear container. it is special just only to put all of my night care stuffs beside my bed so that every day before I sleep, I'm gonna use them ALL. If they are not there/ I didnt see em, i will forget to use them ( this is not my night routine yet. Need to make it as habit.) such a waste if we didn't pamper our body before sleep, don't we? Hehe. Jom kita manjakan diri kita~~

Okay just want to share sweet pictures of my babies. Night2. Muah muah!! Sweet dream, love u. Huggies!!! Second time mwah mwah!! :))


p/s: I just bought that container this evening at HOME shop for RM 5. by the way, I went to Centro mall and bought some "beauty stuffs" from the sales. ^_^
Am I over the budget? Or what?  forgot to take pictures of the event,please excuse me. I'm so sorry. 

Will write a haul about it. Xoxo. 


  1. cantik la design di dalam clear cube tu. :)

  2. Great idea! thank u so much dear. I linked yours in my january fav post. :)

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