Thursday, 31 January 2013

My Perfume Collection

Assalamualaikum and Hi to all,
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I just wanna share a simple post about my perfume collection. So far, I'm not a really huge fan of perfume but then I got few different perfumes for me to use in different day with different mood. I love to use perfumes randomly in different day according to my mood to be exact.

Here is my mini perfume collection.

From Left Top: Hugo Boss Femme Perfume , Britney Fantasy, DKNY Blossom
From Left Bottom: Daisy Eau So Fresh, Victoria's Secret Gorgeous, Anna Sui 
In the pink basket from left: Elianto Body Mist, Silkygirl Charming Charley, Avon Butterfly

Normally I keep em here at the corner of my vanity table (actually it is a 6 feet drawer) 

This perfume smells quite strong. At first I don't really like it. But then, when I spray it all over my body, it gives me energy, confident ,I  feel a bit feminine, 
I like this perfume because the smell last for the whole day! No need to worry about our body smell. haha
(Prefer to use it during presentation time/in blazer attire) 
oh ya, this perfume is given by a good friend.

Britney Fantasy
For me the packaging is not that pretty yet the smell is awesome. I really like sweet smell and this is my second favourite perfume after DKNY. haha. 

DKNY Be Delicious Fresh Blossom
Ops! You can see me in this picture. haha
Well, this DKNY Blossom is my all-time-favourite perfume and it just left a bit amount. 
Basically All DKNY perfumes line are in my wishlist. I love them all and wish to have each of them.
I will get them all after I get married with a prince. haha.. (so fairytale)

Marc Jacobs Eau So Fresh
It claims "Daisy Eau So Fresh has a charming twist on classic fragrance, Eau So Fresh is more fruity, bubbly and more fun than the classic. "
Well, for me the smell is nice sweet and wearable. haha. I dont know how to describe this smell. 

Victoria's Secret Gorgeous
First at all, I don't know why I bought this perfume. haha. Okay, I admit I like the bottle and that pumping thingy. Kind of COOL okay? haha. Love it, It's feminine for me and unique. Ala-ala vintage gitu~
The smell is quite strong and sweet but more to jasmine. 
I just need to apply it a lil bit or else , I am going to be dizzy/ headache/ migraine/ might faint! 
So far, I will use this perfume whenever I need strong smell in casual wear. 

Anna Sui Forbidden Affair
All the designs already came off. haha. This is because I put it in my handbag and only realised it after everything gone! haha.
Bought this when I was in holiday in Johor and got it with 10% discount, around RM 110-RM 120 (If im not mistaken).-quite expensive for me
I love this smell because it gives sweet fresh fragrance for me to start my day! Not to start a forbidden affair ok? 
For the packaging, I give 5 / 5 because it looks so princess/ sweet/ feminine/ and of course cute! (eventhough for design there's nothing left).
CONS: the only issue I had with this perfume is; it is only can last for 3 to 4 hours. Not more than that. Imagine If I spray it at 8am, it only can last until 11am not even noon. 
quite disappointed but I like the smell. 

Silkygirl Charming Charley
This perfume is my pocket/ travel perfume. I always keep it in my handbag incase I forget to put on any perfume in that day and bring this in my travel bag. 
It is easy to carry, light, smell nice, last for 5 to 6 hours (seriously),  ideal cute shape and durable bottle. 

Avon Butterfly
This perfume was my emergency and travel perfume(always in my handbag). But after I have SG Charming Charley in hand, I guess this just be in one of my collection. Love the sweet smell.

Elianto Body Mist Seduction
At first I really like it cause it smells fresh and sweet but then, it only can last for 3 hours and sometimes it dries out my skin. Maybe because I have dry skin . Really dry skin . So, I didnt use it anymore. :(
I heard VS body mist is awesome. Need to try one :) Gimme suggestion which one should I buy for body mist. there are a lot fantastic names and I'm really confuse to pick one. 
What is your favourite body mist from Victoria's Secret? :)

P/s: This post is special made for Puteri Panda.

Thank you for reading!

Mwah Mwah;


  1. Finally! ini yg semangat nak komen. saya suka tengok koleksi perfume wiida. semua saya dah hidu dan ada juga menjadi koleksi saya. cuma satu saja saya tak pernah hidu iaitu Elianto Body Mist Seduction. paling suka bau DKNY Fresh Blossom & Femme Hugo Boss.

    VS body mist banyak yg best. my fav is Pure Seduction, Pure Seduction Blush, Wild One, Passionate Kisses, Lost in Fantasy, Mango Temptation, Love Spell, Secret Charm dan Berry Kiss. woo, banyak la pula. mesti wiida pening. haha..

    Thank you very much for created this post special to me. I'm appreciate. I think your readers love it too. thanks, dear. :)

    1. haha. wah! byk nye body mist from VS. okay2, nnt I try one. :)
      Elianto Body mist tu tak best :( it makes our skin dry.

    2. VS body mist tu antara yg saya pernah hidu. saya menyesal tak beli Pure Seduction Blush full size. rasanya macam takde dah. seller kata limited edition. :(


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