Sunday 18 January 2015

My Earrings Collection. Addiction. LOVISA, VINCCI |Malaysia

Everyone has their own addiction, so do I. I am currently addicted to earrings and clothes, most probably due to what I am doing now. I just started working and to push myself going to work (boost my mood), I have made a decision for not skipping makeup and dressing up. Never stop makeup even late to work! I will put all the needed makeup into a bag and bring it together with me . I always put my makeup in the car, on the way to work. 

Besides putting makeup, I also love to groom myself daily, before going to work, My office outfits are normally boring as I need to wear formal attire, therefore to spice up my look, I normally wear stand out earrings to get a presentable look. The earrings just change my overall look. 

After a month working, this is my overall earrings collection. Almost half of the collection are new. I have other old small studs earrings stored into another tray, I didn't take any photo of it. 

So far, the focused earrings are my ultimate favorites, Every time I want to dress up yet not too overly dress, I would pick up this earrings as the design is simple and it matches most of my outfits. 

Most of my earrings are from LOVISA, VINCCI and the latest store I went was Times Square. I went to Times Square and found out a lot of pretty accessories there including beautiful statement necklace at RM 10 to RM 15. 

The second row from the bottom earrings ( flower with pearl design) are from Times Square @ RM 10/ pair. I am not really sure whether the earrings are durable and wear resistant, but I believe it could lasts in long time if it been keep properly. 

The classic look of earrings are also my favorites, most reachable earrings. Normally I would wear them on when my outfits are more into classy, elegant or even when I am wearing Baju Kurung/ Traditional Clothes. 

I bought the necklace from Times Square and the earrings are from LOVISA. They do match each other kan?

Thank you for reading my syok sendiri earrings collection. So, you guys ada current addiction? What is it? Tell me! DO you have your own earrings collection too? Tell me! I would love to hear it too!

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  1. Wiida~ I love that statement necklace!! me too, just went crazy with my bestie at Lovisa Pavilion recently. hehe
    I never wear accessories before but yeah, after looking at some that can go with us that wear shawls, yeah. We're loving it! the one you bought from Times Square is so sisterly with the necklace by the way. Awesome!

    1. YES! I bough 5 pairs from Lovisa in this month. Memang best!!! Lebih2 tengah sale. best gile! haha. Pergilah TS , banyak cantik2!

  2. Lot of collections you got there. Cool

  3. I love collective post and haul! as a person who love to collects thingS (hoader) haha! this is such a fun post! sab suka earring gak tp never can stand one. pakai mesti gatal. so last2 tak pakai dah lama dah. tp xtahan tgk stud earrings kat lovisa tu.. aduyay.. selalu comes in set can, pastu comel2.. geram kadang2... haha! so for accessories i just collect wrist accessories. jam apa semua...

  4. nice collection, Wiida! saya suka kumpul earring juga. kebanyakkan dari Vincci. Forever 21 sikit je. menyesal x beli banyak time tu. huhu. necklace pun sikit. now, saya addict dgn Pandora pula. hehe. :D

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