Sunday 4 January 2015


Here we are, facing the reality of 2015, a new life, a new year to kick off.  We are getting older and what I know, we need to be serious and plan well for the days, make it productive, splash the days with multi-tasks, varies of works and make sure we work hard while we are young and able to work. I am pretty sure most of us have forgotten our 2014 resolutions till did not remember whether the list has completed or not. I lost mine but  still remembered few things listed in my 2014.

Last year, I had few lists in my mind.
1) Get a job , a permanent job (done)
2) kick off a business (done)
3) pursue study in MBA ( bring forward to 2015)
4) Go travel, every year I need to set a place and travel,  visit a new country. (done, went to NYC)
5) Makeup artist , expand, learn and sharpen my skills. (at least, there's improvement, but I won't stop, knowledge is wide, need to bring my makeup skill to international level. Bring forward to 2015)
6) Savings of RM 10,000 ( not yet accomplished!). So, need to bring this to 2015
7) Get a new iPhone ( initially, I wanted to get iPhone 5s at the beginning of 2014 year, unfortunately, due to NYC trip, I was not able to get the phone in hand. However, end of 2014 is a lucky period to me, FINALLY I am able to upgrade my phone from 4s to 6 with my own money and pass the old phone to my dad. I did not use any single cents of my parents money. Indeed, I gave a part of my income to my mom ( blogging, makeup job as well as salary)- accomplished! 
8) Active in blogging and youtube channel. Well, honestly I am a bit upset with myself for this. Frustrated for not blogging daily. Booo to myself! Boooo! 

Have you get your own planner? How does it looks like? Show me! haha.
If you haven't get any planner for 2015, it is still not too late to get a new one, either purchasing it or do it yourself.
All you need is "google", "print" and creativity.
I chose this glitter-black design planner as I wish it could boost my mood in planning my exciting days and of course with a high hope of being more productive in blogging. 

This planner will be full with my blogging, makeup , Makeup Crime and my personal activities. I have another planner at the office that is already full with my office works schedule.
I got this Planner from "MYSALE" at the priced of RM 35 and the original price was RM 59. It is still available in TYPO, go, get it. It is worth! I think the price is still RM 59 because the promotion price is already over;  Promo only for christmas til 1st January. My friend got it on 2nd January and the price back to original price of RM 59 . Sad, but as I said, it is worth! Plan your life well, Time is money , DAY IS GOLD.

In other hand, if you got DIY planner, you may decorate it with washie tape / colorful tape, fabric tape, sticker and many more. I did decorate my planner with varies of colorful pens as well as tapes. All these photos in this entry are old photos, before fully-decorated. Now the planner is already changed, will show it to you guys one day. haha ( Im too excited decorating my planner) I PUT THE BLAME ON ALL THE BLOGGERS, especially Sabrina Tajudin and kak Newrulefarah Iskandar 

It comes together with a match-pen , since mine is in black therefore the attached pen is in black ink too! It is so convenient! 

The planner also has few side pockets and slots and I stored all of my memorable photos from kak Sabby wedding , gegurl photo and a piece of sticker.
Besides stickers, I also slot in few of important memos and papers in it.

I got this sticker from Tammy as a gift from Singapore for helping out Butterfly Project. :)

Okay, lets head over to the pages. 

The first page of the planner is Personal Information page.

Second page is the one year calendar page.

Then followed by reference calendar of 2014, 2015 and 2016.

The next page is worldwide PUBLIC HOLIDAY. Can you see MALAYSIA public holiday? hehe. I am so excited!

Followed by Contact Page, I normally will put important contacts in here since it just only allocate 2 pages for contacts. 

The "not so important pages".  Well, we can google for the measurement. Wish the planner change this pages to contacts/ notes. 

Same as previous pages, but it's kinda interesting to know all these. 

Let's see how did I decorated and write my daily plan.

I've been set and scheduled my blogging and video plan wisely. The only thing I need is COMMITMENT.

Stick few stickers and colorful pen to differentiate the activities & etc.

I am planning to monitor and analyse myself, see the result at the end of the month.

For the daily activities section, I put some descriptions and details as well as any paid bills/ money so that I am able to monitor my money flow. 

Love this Note section for every month's notes. I wrote all the MUST PAY bills, present budget and etc. Not to forget, WISHLIST!

I also pasted some of leftover cute-shape paper . Need to print more cute designs!

To recognise PUBLIC HOLIDAY, I highlight the box with yellow color so that I could clearly see when is the holiday. Who doesn't love holiday? !

Besides that, for the special birthday box, I stamped it on with a butterfly-shape. CUTE KAN?

 Some of my 2015 resolutions. Malu lah, suka ati aku la kan nak tulis apa. hahaha.

My current wishlist, I wish I could get another 5-drawer , ALEX DRAWER from IKEA as well as a new gloss table top. 
Overall I am very satisfied with my pick and decided to continue buying planner from Typo due to reasonable price, organised, simple , attractive packaging, and neat. I have no other complains except for one single request: to get few extra note sheets so that I could write my Bill, Track my saving money and many more. Yet, this planner is more than enough, I just need this simple planner to organise my life! If you want to save money, DO YOUR OWN PLANNER. I'm pretty sure you gonna love it too. Spill your ideas on it, be yourself, your planner is reflecting your own personality.

Wishing you HAPPY NEW YEAR guys! Muah!

Thank you for reading :) 
drop your blog link so that I can pay a visit. 

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  1. Good luck Wiida! akak suka... tengok how you stay focus and everything was in plan! Alhamdulillah :) Wiida getting matang now. akak suka. i always support u dik!

    1. thank you. YOU TOOOO! pictures were inspired by your photos la! hahaha. you are such an inspirational person. I admire you silently. :)

  2. this planner and whatever you wrote/design inside it is ADORABLE. now you're the latest person in my "look-up to" list, Mieza suka tengok orang2 yang focused and ada clear planning, you're my inspiration Wiida ^_^

    1. AMBOI! ni bodek ni. ayat2 mieza bahaya ni. hehehe.

  3. I almost bought the same planner! But end up I beli yang color turquoise but same design! Got it at RM29 masa Typo tengah sale. Hehe btw I love how you plan things. Keep it up! :D

    1. really?! I believe the turquoise cover is made from leather kan? My last year planner was in turquoise. tu pun lawa!!! sep sep! GANG!

  4. Anis mula2 ingat nak beli planner yg black glitter ni jugak tapi pilih yang lain. Kalau tak, boleh sama! Mihihi ^_^

    1. hehe. tu la!! Wiida baca your entry! then cepat2 suruh kawan and adik beli! tp, my friend missed the sale, tp my sister beli mcm anis punye.

  5. Omg, cantiknya tulisan akak! Now, I want to get a planner for myself <3 xo

    1. terima kasih, tapi sebenarnya tak lawa pun ni, tulisan childish. haha

  6. wiida!!! onie suka cara wiida plan ur life,activities and thisssss !!!! ur entry give me more inspired to move on as a people and blogger.. good wiida syg!

  7. wow impressive accomplishments in 2014! congrats! and good luck jugakkk for 2015! :)

    Najlaa 'Aqilah

  8. hahaha i saw my name there. :P Happy decorating! lets collect washi tape jom! hahaha!

    Anyway, i wish you all the best. i love your enthusiasm. keep the passion burning high. don't be afraid to dream big and think the impossible to be possible. All the best! I know you can! You have so much talent and energy to all this!

    1. YOU TOO BABE! Give me a big hug! You are inspiring me with all of your cute blogpost and the latest gedik video!! hehehe. JOM COLLECT WASHI TAPES! haha

  9. wow goodluck wiida!! andddd i think i should do the same as you guys, making a planner.... huhu

  10. Awwhhh . Love the sticker! congrats dah berjaya jayakan most of the resolution

  11. Saya suka entri Wiida kali ni. Paling best part 'wishlist' tu. Haha. Nak MACBOOK, iPhone & Alex Drawer jugaaaaaaa..... Colourpop macam best kan? Hikhik.. Good luck Wiida untuk 2015 ni. Mmuahh... ;)

  12. I bought the same planner too.. Bolehla geng.. Hehe... Tapi sayang, beli lepas 1hb so harganya RM59.. Kalau tahu ada sale, awal2 lagi dah beli. Huhu..


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