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SK 2 (SKII) Facial Treatment Essence Review (Water miracle) |MALAYSIA

It is almost ends of the year, waving goodbye to year 2014 and say a very cheerful hello to the year 2015. Since the year of 2014 is leaving us, I will be reviewing all the items sent to me with honest review and opinions from myself.
Some people would agree with me, some would not, depending on your skin-type. I have combination skin type also known as normal skin-type. I have no skin problem exceptional if I got "PMS", doing outdoor activities, or hair bang cut (covering the forehead), I will get pimples. 

Few years back, when I was a teenager, I don't understand why people are willing to spend their money on skincare and now after experienced all those nightmare and etc, I understand the feeling of getting and dreaming for a flawless pretty skin like a baby skin. 

Honestly from my own opinions, if you want to spend and splurge on skin care I will recommend you to spend on ;

Serum , Moisturiser, Vitamins, Essence and etc, depending on the technology. 

All these were priced and measured BASED to the quality of the product and brand itself. (based on my observation, test and error , experience) .
Based on my experience, a good serum or essence would works within 2-4 weeks (or lesser). The result could be seen in just few weeks. Very effective!

 SK-II’s  Pitera Process
Naturally from  the  fermentation process  of  a  unique  strain  of  yeast.  Through  a  perfectly  controlled  process  that  has remained  essentially  unchanged  over  the  years,  that  delicate  balance  of  nutrients  in every drop of Pitera™ is derived.

Obvious Results after applying this essence for a month. (2 times in a day, never skipped) 

1) less pimples, no more new pimples. 
2) my cheeks feel elastic and glowy
3) Feel hydrated, at some points, you can feel it. You would feel your dry skin won't need much moisturiser anymore. 
4) New pimple scars were fading, reducing. 

I haven't get a chance to visit  SK II counter as many people have reviewed their skin condition and received great consultancy from them including my brother. My brother is SK II loyal user, he keep using it after used one bottle of SK II miracle essence and as the result, his skin recovered from a big mess of pimples. Due to that, I am confident to try SK II after received an email from them. Assuredly, I have made a right decision!  SK II is definitely a worth skin care to be invested! I will continue using it and it will be my personally skin care especially when my skin needs treatment. 
 Oh my! Now it is a necessary,  I need to allocate some money to buy a bottle of SK II after done with this. 

The texture of SK II Miracle essence is defiantly different than other brand serums or  essence because it is very light and absorbs easily to the skin. The feel of this water miracle essence is almost similar to water yet you still can differentiate it with water. Loving it as it did not feel oily on the skin.

How to use it?
Direction: Pour some of the product onto a piece of cotton pad, then  apply it onto the skin to penetrate the essence deeply into the skin. This full size bottle , 75ml could lasts you up to 5 months! Seriously, it is pretty huge. 

All girls judge a product by its cover. Am I right? I love the glass bottle packaging as it looks luxury and classy with silver cap. I am also adore with the simple transparent glass design with simple words on it. However, there's one turn down on this product, the glass bottle packaging is quite bulky and heavy for travel. I normally will transfer some portion of the product to a small jar and ready for travel :) 

If you feel like giving SK II Pitera Water Miracle essence a try, I would highly recommend you to do so, especially go straightly to the counter and get the consultancy from their official beauty consultants. This is because they could give you better explanation and advise on your skin care regime including skin condition scanner. 

Thank you for reading my simple review on SK II! 

SK II can be found at all SK II counters in Malaysia. 

* My apologies, no photos of me as I've been using it personally till forgot to take "before" and "after" photos, yet I have given my words, it works greatly on me. 

Price: N/A

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  1. I've always a heard a huge hype about this product. But for me, it's still a bit of pricey. Maybe I'll give it a try next time. Great post <3

    1. me too . it is a bit pricy,. maybe i'll try it later when i started working ;))

  2. awak, saya nak dua titik boleh?kehkehkeh...nak beli tak mampu T_T

  3. I have used it for a month and a half. Wowww my skin is glowing. But it does nothing to my oily part. Probably need to test is a bit longer.

  4. this, definitely is in my 2015 wishlist

    Najlaa 'Aqilah

  5. When I first worked at Parkson as a cashier, I was baffled by the fact that women spent thousands of RM to buy SK-II but now I totally get it. 2015 aim is to get SK-II and start using it religiously ;)

  6. hi wiida. i can't wait to read your entry about all the products you used this year like you did from previous year. hihi..

  7. Teringin nak cuba tapi harga? Masuk wishlist la jawabnya... Hahaha...

  8. Feewit!

    Pernah try tapi kulit ala-ala manja plak.. sensitif...
    Teringin nak kulit cam uols Wiida

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