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NARS HOLIDAY COLLECTION 2014 Review & Makeup Look | Malaysia

December is already here and I just can't believe that we are now coming to welcome a new year, 2015. All cosmetics and fashion brands comeout with variety of holiday collection, gifts, package, style and promotion and today I will be reviewing a high end brand makeup collection that have been in my collection for the last two weeks.

Nars is a high end cosmetic brand and everyone is hoping that all the items sold at the counter are worth and high quality. Here I am, reviewing selected holiday collection from Nars.

Are they worth to be purchased?
Keep on reading. 

Four( 4) items been picked up from the Holiday Collection. 
1) Burning Love Lipgloss
2) Sheerwood Nail Polish 
3) Canberra Single eyeshadow
4) Adriatic Lipstick 
You may get all the items at NARS Counter, Pavillion Mall Kuala Lumpur / Gurney Plaza Penang. Currently Nars only has 2 counters ; one in KL and another in Penang. 

Lets talk about the love, eye of attraction, the glittery festive eyeshadow, Canberra. This year holiday collection colors are really boosting the holiday mood and been really festive.
Based from my sight of view, Canberra has duo-tone color; lilac blue eyeshadow with a slight touch of silver blue glitters/ shimmer in it. Eventhough the color may looks scary from the pan (well, most of the people are afraid of colorful eyeshadow) but this color is really wearable and can be used on daily look. By playing with warm neutral color / golden/ silver smokey looks, this blue lilac color would gives you a magical touch to your boring eyelook.

It can be used on top of silver smokey look / brown smokey look / golden eye look / normal brown mute eye look. It is can be used on variety of eyelook. Glad that I have this is my collection because I haven't see any dupe for this gorgeous color yet.

Texture: easy to blend, buttery soft, pigmented and glides very smoothly onto the skin. I would give the texture rate 4.5 out of 5. Worth to own an eyeshadow from NARS. They create gorgeous and high quality eyeshadow.

Sample for the look.  Canbera with nude eyeshadow. Apply canbera on the lids and take nude eyeshadow ,blending it on the crease . (Nude eyeshadow as transition color between your naked skin color and the main lids color)

Nars Nail polish, I am not really a fan of nail polish but sometimes girls just need to have a leisure by doing manicure, just for fun. The reason why I don't like to play with nail polish because most of nail polish takes time to dry up. Sometimes it takes more than 10 minutes to dry a single coat of nail polish. Oh No!
Nars nail polish has changed my mind. It's only requires less than a minute to get completely dries up  and one single coat application is good enough, fully covered and colored. Meanwhile, the brush applicator for Nars nail polish is wide and able to give wide application with only one  single stroke.
Is the nail polish worth to be purchased? Yes, if you are a nail polish user. It saves your miserable nails by only few seconds.

Single coat application.

Second coat application.

Adriatic lipstick, the holiday collection lipstick is slightly smaller than the normal packaging however, the content and lipstick bullet size are the same. 

Texture and pigmentation. It is sheer pale nude lipstick ,creamy,  glides smoothly onto lips,however the formula makes the chapped lips look more obvious and need to be coated with lipgloss. 

Burning Love lipgloss, a bright sensational red lipgloss that compliments with the holiday theme. Though Malaysia doesn't has winter season however red lipgloss is a need for every girls, if you need a red lisgloss why aren't you skip a red lipgloss? Lipgloss helps to amplify your red shapes and make it sexier and looks juicy. Lipgloss helps to cover your lips texture / lines / chapped lips. Morever, with touch of lipgloss, it is definitely would helps you to look good under the light, especially in the ballroom. Stuff in a lipgloss in your bag now! 

Texture and formula: Highly pigmented,doesn't feel sticky on the lips but feel moist. Overall, it feels comfortable on the lips. I just wish it has food scent into it. hehe.

Adriatic lipstick is on action! hehe. It is a pale nude that can be worn with any colored lipstick. Great to tone down any bright lipstick. It is also looks great on pale skin tone and top it off with gold gloss.

Adriatic lipstick with Burning Love lipgloss on top of it. The bright red liplgloss looks subtle and gives a healthy lips impression look .
That is all my simple review on Nars holiday collection, till we meet again in the next post. Thank you for reading! muah! 
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