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Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet review & swatches | Malaysia

Today I will be reviewing the famous Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet lipsticks which is been highly raved in UK and this product has been a phenomena among makeup addicts, everyone is addicted to it. As now, it's already hit Malaysia shore with 8 full color collection. Yeay! 

I love the see-through packaging so that it can immediately tells which one is which one. Well, it indicates the product color itself. Great! However , the square packaging is pretty bulky yet, it doesn't looks cheap.
Love the slant-ed foam applicator that gives precise application as well as great in picking product. 

Formula and texture
It has matte finish with non-drying formula. The lipstick is easy to smudge especially for the bright colors, therefore you need to apply it with the right method. It has soft velvet-y texture &matte finish and almost similar to the high end Lime Crime Velvetine.  It's not drying and gives beautiful matte finish. Anyway, if I do comparism and rating between this lipcream with LIME CRIME VELVETINE and NYX LIPCREAM. I would like to say that this lipcream is standing between Lime Crime and NYX, similar to the price tag. 
The reason why I said that because of the formula. 

1) Lime Crime - It gives soft velvet matte finish but even on my chapped ugly lips, the product looks stunning on me, no more lines, dead skin and whatsoever ugly lips. It makes my lips turn to a perfect lips. Unbeatable.  Bear with the price, It's RM 100. 

2) Bourjois  Rouge Edition Velvet- So far, the best lipcream after Lime Crime, can be used on chapped lips, covers 50% of the imperfection, not drying and last pretty long on the lips. It's RM 42.90

3) NYX- It toughest lipcream to be used, Can't mix with other lip products , drying and makes my chapped lips look uglier. It's RM 24

       WIIDA's METHOD:
  1. Apply a thin coat onto the lips
  2. Take a tissue and dab it on. Dab the excess product. 
  3. Apply translucent powder/ face powder onto the lips
  4. Then apply another thin coat of Bourjois Rouge Velvet 
  5. Shape the lips with concealor. 
  6. Set the concealer around the lips with powder.

Please name any shades that pull your interest. All shades from nude to dark reds, all stay almost permanently on lips. They could last up to 8 hours after eaten and drink but most of the color would fade from inner lips and left the stain on the lips line which is a normal situation for lips color. 

Color Selection.
There is 8 bold shades in total for this range and personally for me the colors are more into red (rouge) and bright colors and lack of nude natural colors.  VERY OPAQUE and PIGMENTED except for the Grand Chu. I found out that it turns a little bit patchy on the lips, but I really love the color! Seriously! 
2 red - Personne de rouge and Frambourjoise
2 pink - Ping Pong and Ole Flamingo
2 orange - Peach Club and Hot Pepper
1 warm pink Nude - Nude-ist
1 Dark red - Grand Chu


Price: RM 42.90 ( promo price: RM 38.90 ) *if I'm not mistaken
You can find it at selected Watsons and main Bourjois Kiosk in Sunway Pyramid
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  1. Been looking forward to this post and I'm gonna say it again, they're gorgeous!!! I have Nude-ist and love it!! I want some more!
    Mira | http://lemieletlavanille.blogspot.com

  2. wooohooo.. nice and beautiful colors.. Hot papper and Personne de rouge tu tempting sangat..

    1. aah, I have Hot Pepper in my collection. tu la, personne de rouge pun lawa. grand chu pun actually lawa!!

  3. I always fear nude lip colours, takut nampak washed out. Tapi Nude-ist ni macam lawa je, hehe


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