Monday, 29 December 2014

Christmas Dinner | Butterfly Project Malaysia , Beautyblogger.

This post gonna be a very special post dedicated to Butterfly Project Malaysia Beauty blogger community. If you doesn't know what is Butterfly Project, I will give you a short brief,

 As per description on facebook page: "A community that welcomes beauty & lifestyle bloggers around Malaysia blogging with a focus and from the heart, soul and passion. 

At Butterfly Project, we design monthly projects for bloggers that would benefit, motivate and encourage them to find their voice, goals and dreams. 

Walk away inspired, full of ideas and armed with your blog knowing you can make a difference while making a bunch of new friends in a supportive online environment. "

The reasons why I loved joining this community event are because;
  • I can meet my long-lost friends. 
  • Meet new bloggers, and know more bloggers!
  • Meet my virtual blogging world friends in person.
  • Share common interests together.
  • When girls meet with girls, mouth won't stop talking. 
  • Increase productivity in blogging, motivated people to blog and boost the mood.
  • Share blogging tips together
  • Last but not least, make friends; new and senior they are equally the same. Most importantly is the style of writing, quality of the write up , dedication, and honesty. 
I don't say that I am a good blogger,I know I still have weaknesses, keep doing the same mistakes need a huge improvement. I am just a regular blogger who loves blogging and talk about makeup non-stop. I don't chase for popularity as I know it won't bring you happiness and not worth at all. 
Blogging is a job, it is an investment, responsibility, interest, hobby and love. If you love with what you are doing, then you gonna be happy. If you are seeking for popularity, you'll stop in the middle of the route.
Blogging industry is pretty tough, mainly in Malaysia. Malaysia doesn't really exposed to blogging, that is the reason why many of good quality bloggers stop from blogging as they know it doesn't worth if you are chasing for popularity and money. Yet, if you are blogging because of INTEREST, I believe, we all believe, you are strong enough to continue and keep continue blogging to deliver your interests to the readers. If you are happy, your readers gonna be happy too :) That is what I believe in blogging. Be happy, continue with what you are doing, follow your heart.  

Although I have joined Butterfly Project Community for almost 2 years, yet this is my first time joining their christmas dinner. The dinner was held at The Apartment restaurant in The Curve with a special highlight menu, A TURKEY. Everyone was "hunting" and "aiming" for it including me!

Oh My God! If you join this community, I am prety sure gonna be "mak bedah", talking non-stop and everyone will be your girlfriends! Since I was busy eating  and talking, I didn't get to snap much photos however, I have lots of selfie photos. Haha, at least that is what Im good at. 

This was my first time met Anis Farhana in person and surprisingly she was in a group with me. Gedik jugak budak ni. hehehe


Lipstick also cannot tahan kena di nodai with Izzatixo :P .

Since this girl is so cute, I cannot tahan for not taking a selfie with her. I have quite of number of selfie photos with her in my phone tapi...I think this is the most low profile, others are mostly Siao! Gile! out of expectation, 18sx. hahaha.

Elvina Chua, one of the bloggers that I just knew after met her at Samsung event. She is humble, pretty, friendly and sweet. enough said, feel warm to have a gossip girls chat with her.

Mieza, a soft spoken lady with firm personality. Love to read her beauty reviews because all are honest from her opinions.

I can't decribe them all but you can google them and stalk each of their instagram, blog and youtube channel because I KNOW IT IS WORTH! Awesome bloggers! 
*Mira Cik Cit (ops, salah eja :P) haha

Bad habit, ugly pose, but I just need to post it up! haha

Beautiful Blogger Syafiera Lewis.

Back bone of Butterfly Project Community, MAMASAN TAMMY

The smexy Rawlins Glam

Yang Hot ni kena introduce gak ke?
alright! she is the hot sexy kak Innanie! 

New friends!!!
Syazana Nazri and Amy

 It is a MUST to include a selfie photo of mine :P haha

OOTD photo of the night

Pants: Uniqlo
Shoes: Vincci
Clutch: Borrowed Elvina Chua for the prop. haha. pinjam untuk gambar saja :P

We  all were given a box of goodies , full of beauty porducts. Thank you. The best xmas gift ever! Though I didn't celebrate xmas but receiving a gift is the most precious moment for me. 

We had an activity of "Secret Santa", exchange gifts to each others and guess what? I received a beautiful box of Sephora cosmetics. Thank you soooo much!!! I didn't expect for this much of presie. In my wishlist, I did mention and list all of my wishlist items in details because I know the budget gonna be between RM 50-100, therefore I stated all the items priced under RM 70 (well, the most expensive item that I requested for was a MAC lipstick and cheapest was a single refill pan of MAC eyeshadow priced at RM 50) and surprisingly I got this set of makeup. Thank you to my secret santa (haven't reveal her/his identity). 

Last but not least, thank you for reading my silly write up and may this new year will be a beautiful, good year for you. Celebrate the new year like a kid and have fun! 
See you in the next post! <3 

written from the heart. love, 

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  1. you look cute as always babe! too bad tak dapat join this event. Why laaa I tak alert about this event. grrr~ geram dengan diri sendiri ni. hehehee..I know you girls mesti having fun giler2.. your secret santa present was Awesome. Jeless japp..

  2. Hahahahaha... Drama la semua orang, especially izzati, sumpah kelakar gamer dengan ayeen tu. And nasib baik wiidaa perasan salah eja nama mira, (marah ni) hehe...
    Was really fun that night, memang kepoh2 semua. Thank god wide you didn't insert gambar mata tu. HAHAHA

  3. lol, i gediks among girls je .. ;D nice to meet you again wiida

  4. dengan membaca post ini, saya yakin bahawa setiap Butterflies yang ada dalam post ni, terutamanya yang ada gambar, adalah manusia-manusia yang sebenarnya sedikit mereng in a fun way XD it was a crazy night, i miss you ladies a lot already!!!

  5. Jelesssss nk nk nk pegiiii...geram tgok gamba....papepun best nye beauty box tu...and you're too cute not to mmg wajibla knnn

  6. Hahahahahah gambar yang lipstick patah tu paling epic!

  7. Awwwww nice to meet you wiida!!! U're such a pretty lady too!! Yes it was definitely an amazing nite of buttefflies gathering.. n I really admire ur hair flipping gimmick...hehe ^_^ lain kali kalau jumpa lagi suruh wiida buat lagi..heheh xD <3

  8. Aiyah...tak tangkap gambar dengan u la....babe


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