Thursday, 11 December 2014

OOTD | Milktee Clothing Malaysia

Fashion and style is two different things. Milktee, a local online shopping store, has variety of designs from top to bottom including accessories. Most of their collection will be updated depending on seasons and they almost update the collection in monthly basis. Before this I have been hearing of Miktee from my friends because they love to shop at Milktee website and today I am finally get a chance to try out their outfits. Here are some photos taken for the photoshoot with Milktee Clothing Top and Bottom.

I never have any beige pants in my collection, well the last time I wore white pants when I was 12 years old and this is my first beige pair after 11 years skipping buying white pants.

This pair of pants from Milktee is absolutely worth every ringgits you spent. This is because the quality and stitches are very neat and in good quality. Highly recommended if you want a beige pants. Mine is in size S ,if you are wondering. 
There are plenty of choices for the tops. I can't make up my mind for several days window shopping at their website and finally for the 3rd day only I'd made my decision to get this simple stripes loose knit top. I am glad that chose this top because:
It's thin but not too warm. The thickness is moderate, just nice for our Malaysia weather. 
The knitted material doesn't make me feel itchy. Obviously, I have very sensitive skin, I can't wear direct wool top, certain Polyster material top but this top from Milktee is really reliable and can be trusted! They sell all top-picked tops and very great quality tops. Thanks Milktee for not disappointing me. 
Loose shirt, which is what I am normally wear, it's my style. Perfect length, cover my butts, good pick! 
If you want to shop and experience shopping at MILKTEE, here is 10% discount code for you. Happy shopping!

for 10% off discount until 23rd December 2014 only.
It is a trusted website, give a try, use my code to get 10 %. Muah! thank you for reading, see you in the post! 

Pants: Milktee (
Stripe knitted loose top : Milktee (
Necklace : Sendirian berhad, bought in Sg Wang. no-brand necklace.
Shoes: Vincci
Handbag: Lacoste 


for 10% off discount until 23rd December 2014 only.

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  1. i love knit long sleeve shirt, next time i'll buy it from milktee :)

  2. never bought anything from Milktee. dulu berkenan dgn handbag tp sampai now belum beli lagi, hehe! cantik wiida pakai, simple tapi sangat comel ^_^

  3. Yup.. keep hearing ppl buying from there but never even open the website before haha

  4. nicely photographed! deserve a try niii

    Najlaa 'Aqilah

  5. Who takes the photos ? So awesome! Hehe, nice outfit gonna check it out before promo ended!


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