Monday, 1 December 2014


My Mini Giveaway winner annoucement.

Sorry for the late announcement. I know I can't be forgiven by not updating my blog for more than a week! OH MY GOD! Can't be forgiven at all! I need to punish myself by posting at least 15 posts in this month, end of year 2014. Oh crap! so fast flying and now we are , approaching 2015.

1st December is my father's birthday. Happy birthday dad! I wish I could make you happy by bringing you to Hajj again. Wiida doa banyak-banyak bagi ayah sihat selalu, gembira, dan panjang umur. Amin! Anyway, he just came back from Penang International Half Marathon and he got below 1000th place. seriously! He made it, before the time and finished the run. I'm so proud of you dad. He's 60 this year. Cool hah? even I can't guarantee if I can run 21 KM in less than 3 hours. he made it!
Love you sooooo much!. Oh My God, I'm sorry, I'm just been emotional whenever it's comes to parents and family. I just love my parents more than I love myself . Okay, lets go back to the real topic. Bye bye tears , lets welcome the happiness. It should be a happy post not an emotional entry.

Lets dance! *drum roll*

The lucky winner is.........

Congratulations babe! You are the winner for this giveaway. Please reply my email / whatsapp me at +6017-8785210 to claim your present. I will post it as soon as possible! InsyaAllah within this week. I also don't want to keep it on my vanity. damn dangerous!  my sister keep hold it and almost use it! Oh Adik! bahaya! bahaya! bahaya! Okay, that's it for my guilty post plus mini giveaway announcement. Happy December! 
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