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Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer Oil Free Review | Malaysia

Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer is one of the popular products in beauty industry, highly raved among youtubers and bloggers. Tinted Moisturiser is actually a face product , combination between moisturiser and foundation. It seems like a confusing product, but I believe the founder wanted to invent a daily healthy product for skin.  

This is my first tinted moisturizer and second product from Laura Mercier. Based on my experience, knowledge and usage, this tinted moisturiser gives sheer courage yet it makes your skin looks healthy and glow. So far this is great to be used for daily basis face product. It makes the skin moisturised and the same time, gives sheer coverage to conceal skin imperfection especially at the nose area. It would makes your face looks flawless and healthy without pores blockage. It has been my friendly user daily face product since I got my period, meaning it has stayed on my face for the whole day without producing any pimples on. ( did you get what I am trying to say?) it doesn't block my pores and no pimples come out after using this product for the whole day. 

Coverage wise, it is very sheer, so if you have very heavy dark circle, you might need to conceal it with concealor or else, it is ready to go. 
Once again, this tinted moisturiser doesn't gives any high coverage, it just brighten your face and gives dewy finish. It is almost similar to skin care (moisturiser witha tint of color). The Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer has sorta bb cream scent however the scent is mild. 
There is wide of color selection in this range and I picked up Cameo shade as it is the only shade available during the xmas sale. The price for this product is RM 169 and you can get it at all Laura Mercier counter. 
The difference between this "oil free" range (dark purple maroon packaging) and the "normal" range ( beige color packaging) is only the consistency , texture and coverage. The normal range has lighter consistency, more sheer than the oil free, water-y than the oil-free and gives lighter coverage. If you do not have any skin's problem, I would highly recommend you to get the normal range which is good and better for skin. The reason why I didn't pick up the "normal range" is because , during the xmas sale, my shade is not available. 
This product is highly recommended for "daily uses" , "busy women" and everyone including oily skin type people. The concept f this tinted moisturiser is giving healthy dewy skin without putting too much product onto the skin,  heavy coverage and by keeping the skin healthy. 

The price is expensive yet the product is worth to be used for daily purpose. I'm loving it, it has 50ml products, easy application. glides smoothly onto the skin and makes my face looks healthier, and fresh every morning. It lasts pretty long onto the face , most likely up to 8 -10 hours
It has been my favorite face product since then. I loved it so much, I would recommend you to try this out! Go try! it is really worth.
Tips: buy 1- 2 shades lighter than your skin as it has light coverage, doesn't makes any difference but lighter is better as it would oxidise and absorbs to the skin. The color would be darker after 30 minutes application. Choose one to two shades lighter.

Store: All Laura Mercier counters / selected Sephora
Price: RM 169
Thank you for reading! have a good day! 
muah! This is an honest review. 
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  1. I've a lot of bloggers buying this product and this review makes me more eager to try one! Agak2 dkat OU still ada discount x >_<

  2. Hi, Wiida! Wah~ Laura Mercier products - especially this one, is definitely on my to-try list! I saw last month that there's sale in 1Utama last month I think but I was a bit busy to go and check it out.
    Seems like a CC Cream? With SPF, sheer coverage and over a bit of skincare benefits. Ugh! with final exams getting nearer, my under eyes area are getting worst. sigh. You have good under eye concealer recommendation?
    Love, Mira |

  3. I'm using Ochre the darkest shade nasib baiklah tak dark mana pun so when it oxidizes nampak normal ^_^ this is my current favourite too, now i get it why LM Tinted Moisturizer is raved around the globe. memang best!

  4. "gives sheer courage"???? You meant COVERAGE? haha that's cute

    1. oh man! thank you for mentioning it. I didnt realised it till you told me. malu! need to change it.

  5. you should do a giveaway for this product..just to ME. haha..!! Good review! I want to try this product for a long time but as a student I have limited budget :(

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