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Just Gorgeous - Guardian Makeover Event 2013

Have you heard about the Guardian event that held on last weekend? 
This is because.. I went there on Saturday, 6th April 2013.
It was a really amusing event and I think you should join the next Guardian makeover event and bring along your girlfriends! <3
I was invited to the event by Guardian team and I really thankful for it.
Since, I know there would be a makeover session in the itinerary given to me through email,so I purposely didn't apply any makeup on and I took "huge" courageous to face the world with bare face. 
Thank you.

Anyway, last time, few years back, I did join the event before with my sister and we were enjoyed it! (Cause the Q was not long and only took few minutes for the makeover) .

My "ugly" face without any makeup before going to the event. 
Okay, I can't lie to you. I put a layer of foundation. Thank you. :P

Registration counter. 
See all those goodie bags! those are for people who paid the makeover ticket. 
Well, to join this Diva Makeover session, you need to purchase minimum of RM 30 includes one item from the sponsors brands and with that you're entitled to buy the ticket with the special price of RM 10 only! 
With RM 10, you can enjoy the free makeup service, hair styling, photoshoot comes with a piece of 4R picture and you also get an attractive goodie bag + a saving coupon worth of RM 80
Hmm, even if you go to salon to do your dinner hair also costs you RM 35 onwards. 

The Opening Performance by three beautiful butterflies.  
There was a lot people conquered the front place til I cant find any other angle to take pretty pictures. 

After that, they introduced us their hair stylists & makeup artists for this event with the final picture of the VIPs. (That's what I heard from the emcee) 

Look at the Makeover station, makeup used were from Maybelline and the makeover was done by  A Cut Above Academy people! 

Here are four pictures of different pretty hair styles to choose from. I asked my hair stylist which one suits me better and he suggest Number 4. Since I'm okay with anything, so I give my 100% trust on him. Not 100% trust, still nervous about it, but ya, A Cut Above Academy people, who doesn't know them? A good brand name. 

2 in 1 experience.
One person makeup me and another one do my hair. 

Thank you Farah Hanis for taking my pictures! I would like to take her pictures back but I couldn't do so because the hairstylist was busy styling my hair and she already started makeup beside of me. Sorry babe. 

Nervous! Can't imagine how am I look after this.

Farah Hanis looks so nervous for the makeover. haha
(sorry curi-curi took this pic)

The outcome from the makeover session was turned up into.....

My unofficial hair stylist. hehehe.. I love his baby face. cute kan? 
He did my hair beautifully even me don't really know how to make this kind of curl without making my hair looks so frizzy. (My original hair is really frizzy even they're in straight way. so, if I do curl by myself, it would turn up into lion hair style look)

Well, basically she did our makeup of the day. 
p/s: She applied really nice pink lipstick which I don't know what color it was but, maybelline lipstick is really stays for hours and not drying even after we ate our lunch. We fall in love with the lipstick we worn on that day.  ^_^ 

See the environment around us! all girls had fun on that day! 
So, next time, if Guardian held this kind of event, you should go with your girlfriends and enjoy it! ^_^

We three met again and yes, I miss you two already! We should go hang out more often!
Their blog: Illy  |  Farah Hanis

After done with our makeover, we feel extremely pretty (ala-ala Diva) and absolutely we need to capture our pretty makeover with Photoshoot session. 

I don't want to show my printed picture here because.... my smile was a bit weird and would makes you guys can't sleep for the whole week (According to my imagination). Seriously, I'm not photogenic. I'm afraid you gonna vomit after see my picture! Sorry ye abang-abang handsome. :)

Oh ya! This magazine counter was offering a good deal! You buy a magazine (April edition) at normal price, you would given a chance to do a draw and win a prize. 
Basically, its like you buy one magazine, get free one full size item. 

This bowl determine your future prizes!

I got myself a Silkygirl blusher! Thank you so much! I'm so happy with it. Bought a magazine for RM 7 and get two items at once. So worth the money. 

For the media goodie bag, we got a RM 50 voucher to spend at Guardian and since there was a lot awesome deals going on, I decided to fully spend the voucher on that day! 

This is the one attracts me a lot! only RM 17.30 for a Maybelline mascara and I immediately grabbed it! 

All these cost me RM 49 and I got a free red pouch from them. There have two colours to choose from, either silver or red . I chose red because I think it looks sexy with the sequins design on it. 

Items purchased;
  1. Maybelline Are You Red-dy (Pretty red and was in my wishlist since last month!)
  2. Maybelline Eyebrow pencil in brown
  3. Maybelline Volum' Express Magnum Mascara.

Oh ya, really exciting news for you girls especially those who love makeup so much!

Maybelline Color Tatoo are here in the stores and it is in promotion price of RM 19.90. I heard the original price is RM 20++ (Which I'm not too sure, I heard it from the salesgirl on the event)

Whatever it is, try find the Maybelline Color Tatoo at your nearest Guardian stores! They're amazing and you need to have it atleast one in your collection! I got mine in all colours except for the Teal and Purple colour. I heard Teal colour is coming in the middle of this month. Will update more makeup look using this Color Tatoo!! Haha.

Last but not least...

My eye makeup last until evening. The makeup was done around 11.30am and the picture taken was around 6pm to 7pm.  See! Maybelline eyeshadow is quite good, long-lasting and the colour is really pigmented. .  
The makeup was really light and natural since it is for "day" makeup plus I'm not going for dinner or any party. I'm okay with this makeup ^_^
Syok nye!!!

Eyeshadow colour: Pink.

OH! OH! OH! There is one more thing that made my day shine bright like a diamond...

These are the participating brands of the event and I got their items in my media goodie bag. BIG SMILE!

And also a Natural Clenx Tea. I forgot to put it into the earlier photo because I already gave it to my mom. hahah. She wants it so badly cause she used to consume that tea before and she said its good.

Overall, I had such a great moment, met with new people, opportunity to review interesting event, experience makeover with my girls and ya, I did went shopping with Farah Hanis after the event. Well, once you go to One Utama, of course you need to enjoy shopping too! haha. 
We went to Jelly Bunny, Victoria Secret, Charles & Keith and Topshop before heading home!

Guess what has happened to me?

I can't control myself and brought these three bags home..

Topshop Cream eyeshadow on sale, RM 29. Price before was RM 49.

Jelly Bunny shoes, RM 29

So , next time if you heard about Guardian event,

 do join the event with your girls because it is really worth and so much fun!

 After makeover, you can go around the mall ,  shopping or watch movie with friends!

 Really enjoyable especially when it's about Girls-Beauty-Shopping and Gossips. ^_^

Thank you for Reading!

Mwah Mwah;


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    1. Thank you! Thank you! Merci! Merci! Xexe! xexe! Terima Kasih! Terima Kasih! Arigatou Gozaimasu!

  2. Jealousnyaaaaaa, banyak betul goodies! Hehe.

    1. Kan? I terkejut gile! Almost fainted, tapi tak jadi sbb tak de putera kacak nak angkat kan. hahaha.

    2. Haha. Kalau you faint kat situ, mesti ada putera kacak yang sanggup angkatkan sbb you comel. Hehe.

  3. waah, bestnye! kalau ada kt pahang mesti join punye! sobsob~

  4. bila mai penang wajib terjah!

  5. Jelly Bunny tuuuu hmm hmm.. Nak beli!! Haha

  6. super awesome event! harap-harap Guardian ada buat di Sabah juga. bestnya dapat goodie bag yg banyak benda best! kalau beli semua tu rasanya lebih RM100. love your Maybelline red pouch. great choice. Jelly Bunny!!! wiida, you know what? saya menyesal tak beli Jelly Bunny hari tu di Suria KLCC. ramai sangat orang. :(

  7. wow, gorgeous :-)
    hello, i nominated you for a versatile blog award, check it out here


  8. seronok!! next time harap jumpe lagik :)

  9. Looks like such a fun event!

  10. Love your hair!!Seems like a fun event!:)
    Cute blog btw!

  11. So fun.. esok I going.


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