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Blincon Elegance Topaz Brown Contact Lens Review

I got this pair of contacts from  from Glasses Online Malaysia
Read further if you want to know my opinions on the lenses and also the service provided by Glasses Online Malaysia. This website will be one of my main shopping website in the future. ^_^


Personally, I really enjoyed wearing these contact lens from morning until evening. They are really comfortable and easy to wear. Some contact lens are really hard to wear due to big diameter and also too hard or too soft. I do not know whether these lens are soft lens or hard lens, but for me, they're pretty convenient to wear. The colour really makes me look natural and not too over (not too plastic/ look weird) compared to other circle lens. I love these lens for making my pupil a better round because originally, everyone's pupils round shape are not the same . They look the same but not exactly the same. Do you understand what I meant? hehe. I always wear contact lenses for any photoshoot or if I go to any important functions that have high potential taking bunch of photos, for sure I will be wearing contact lens (if still have any). In other word, lenses are my cosmetic beauty product. :) 
Another reason why I chose these lens for my trial because of the natural patterns and also the life-disposable month of 3 months. I could wear these lens up to 3 months! yes! no need to throw them too early, save some money too. RM 49 for 3 months lens is a good deal for our eyes too. We could not wear lenses for too long but if too short , our pocket money would be hurt too.(I'm a student, of course I'm affected). 

Diameter of the lens:14.2   
 B.C: 8.6
3 Months Disposable lenses

For the service from Glassesonline, they are really fast and super friendly. All email, enquiries would be entertain within 24 hours.  They could track your delivery date too, means they would keep in touch with you if the parcel did not get to you. How nice is this? 

You would also will experience a secure shopping experience with this company, (you know, sometimes we're afraid to use our credit card on online for some reasons, but with this online shop, they're a trusted website and every online purchases are secured) 

You can do payment via;
Credit card, Online banking, Paypal Transfer or  Cash on Delivery. 

Besides that, the company is not only selling contact lenses but also selling quite a number of branded spectacles and sunglasses 100 of local and international brands with nation-wide free-shipping and 30 days return policy on all orders! A lot  of pretty designs from aviator shape to basic round shape. 
Now they are doing promotion for Raya!! (click on the picture for direct link)

GO check out their website as they are selling variety of lenses! Seriously, you need to check out their website, window shopping girls~.

Lets see the rest of photos that I took while wearing the contacts and OOTD together. hehehe. (outfit of the day).. additionally testing out my new camera, Sony Nex-3N (Ala, I want to be like Lisa Surihani too, beraya bersama Sony NEX-3N, taking photos like a professional man) 

*Non-edited pictures. Setting: Manual.

Makeup used: Urban Decay foundation, Naked  in 2.0 | Blusher MAC in peachykeen |Lipstick MAC sounds like noise | Bobbi brown gel eyeliner in ink black | MUA eyebrow kit| Maybelline Hypercurl cat eye mascara |Nars Barrow street mint green eyeliner for lower lashes 
for first two pictures, lipstick used Maybelline sensational in coral crush.

Contact lens sponsored by

Go to their website and check out their new collections and variety of optical items!
Apply my code to enjoy RM 20 off for purchase of RM 20
 Code: GOwiida20 

Selamat Hari Raya!
If you do open house, don't forget to invite me! hehe. 

Thank you for reading!
Note: Please excuse all my grammar and typo error.  

Mwah Mwah;


  1. Selamat Hari Raya, wiida. cantik kan contact lens warna coklat. hampir nak pilih tapi tak jadi sebab pilih sunglasses. hehe. cantik la gambar wiida.:)

    1. Ye ke? Tgk sunglasses puteri! best nye!

    2. ya, tapi belum kena pos. kalau dah ada saya review, ok? :)

    3. OKAY! Waiting for the review! hehehe. excited lak saya.. nak beli sunglasses gak, tgh kumpul duit :( tak penah ada branded sunglasses, kena ada satu at least (syok sendiri)

  2. Those brown colored contact lenses are quite natural looking. Your eyes didn't look so brownish or so fake. It defines the eyes subtly...which I liked!

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