Friday, 16 August 2013

Tampil Lebih Cerah di Hari Raya dengan Fair & Lovely by SyafiqahHashimXOXO


Lets join this giveaway by Syafiqah Hashim XOXO.

It is a collaboration between Syafiqah Hashim XOXO and Fair &Lovely Malaysia. This giveaway is to appreciate  her readers and also to give something special for all of you!
So, 10 lucky readers going to get  a set of Fair & Lovely hamper worth to RM 50 for each person.

How to join this giveaway?

Easy pesy!
You just need to do an entry like mine and copy the title above.

Then, answer 3 questions like I have answered below. (do a creative post, post up your Raya photos or selfie or any type of photography)

Last, just go to her post and post up your LINK, NAME, EMAIL in her post's comment section. 

1) Kenapa anda ingin tampil cerah di Hari Lebaran Tahun ini dengan Fair & Lovely?
Why you want to look pleasant and fair in this year Eid-Ul-Fitr with Fair & Lovely? 

Well, who does not want to look pretty and fair on the important celebration festival especially Eid-Ul-Fitr. During this celebration, Malaysian (all races; Malay, Chinese, Indian, Bajau and others ethnics) celebrate this festival by visiting their friends and relatives and due to this, I need to look pretty and outstanding. It is a natural feeling of a woman to look pretty in front of everyone. Some more, now my face is already turned to darker complexion due to sunburned / outdoor activities. 

2)  Lengkapkan slogan "Fair & Lovely dapat membantu saya tampil lebih cerah di Hari Lebaran Tahun ini kerana...................."
Complete this slogan "Fair &Lovely could help me to look fairer in this year Eid-Ul-Fitr because......"

Kerana/Because Fair &Lovely is one of the establish brand in Malaysia that has been exist since I was a baby. However, I never had a chance to try this brand before because I keep continue using my first skin care product that I'd learnt using from my older sister and continuing using it until now on. But, the facial foam that I'm using now is to cleanse my oily face without make it brighter. So, I really wanting to find a product to help me brighten up my face and at the same time, money-worth+ affordable.
 I'm also curious whether the product works on my skin or not.  I don't want to mention any scientific terms here as I know not everyone knows about it so better I just state the reasons from deep of my heart. 

If you want to join this giveaway, just copy the title and questions above and you also may copy my reasons and just change a bit la + add some of your honest reasons! (I give you permission to copy my answers cause I think my answers are brilliant enough. hahaha. in exam sure get A la!) hehehe. perasan jap.

Answers could be in short or long form. Suka hati la! As long you join and get high potential to win prizes from them!

DON'T FORGET to go to her blog post and drop your LINK , NAME and EMAIL so that she can immediately check your page and contact you!


Last date for this giveaway is on 17th August 2013 (Saturday!)

Salam Sayang with Mwah Mwah;


  1. Wiida jom join giveaway yg akk buat pula..
    sama jer mcm syafiqah nye..hehe..mana tahu dpt hadiah dr dua blog..:)

  2. thank you so much wiida sygg for joining..
    luv u lahh! HUGSSS..
    Goodluck wiida ;)


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